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1995 SC2
Default Living in the past?

I think that maybe time has passed me by. Iíve been a backyard mechanic since you set the dwell through the window on the distributor cap (GM Vehicles).

Iíve stuck with the simple repairs, being a backyard mechanic. Iíve replaced a head gasket, helped switch out an engine on my 1984 S-10 and YES you do have to separate the body from the frame to get to the top bolts on the bell housing.

From the early years, Iíve had a bench grinder with a wire wheel that I use to clean ALL of the bolts that Iíve removed. When I put things back together I put on some anti-seize and thatís that.

Thanks to the GREAT INFO IN THIS FORUM this last weekend I was working on my Ď95 SC-2 (turned 190,000 miles this last week) a neighbor stopped by to take a look. When I got to the point of cleaning the bolts, I was told that the bolts that the manufactures have used for some time are coated and that Iím causing more problems that Iím preventing.

Is this right??? Do I need to step into the 2000ís?
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