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1995 SC2
Default Idle

I'm a new convert to Saturn. Out of need of a vehicle last winter I came across a 1995 SC2 (manual 5 speed) with 186,000 miles. The car was in great condition (the engine is understandably tired...uses oil).

I've spent countless hours going through these great Forums, benefiting from everyone's posts. THANKS!

I've been working on it a bit, the idle was all over the place, some cleaner took care of that. The temperature gauge never went much past cold so I replaced the thermostat and O2 sensor and the millage went from 27 to 32 mpg.

I'm not an expert on cars, but I've done my fair share of repairs. With all of these sensors.....things have changed.

This is my problem. When I put in the clutch and coast the idle drops way down to about 300 rpm if it doesn't stall completely. Once the car comes to a complete stop the Idle returns to about 700 rpm (steady no wavering). Where do I start the hunt for the FIX.
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