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1996 SL2
Default Re: 98 SL2 starting prob

Originally Posted by mattmcd116
I have a 98 sl2. In the past 6 months I have had a growing starting problem. after i drive any moderate distance my car will not start. I mean it doesn't even attemp to turn over. It just gives a click like the battery is dead but its not. If i let it sit for an hour or more it starts right up and drives fine. It seems it just needs to cool down.

About a week ago I have the service engine light on . I got it checked and the codes P0340 and P0708 came up. i know one is the mythical cam sensor and the other is a transmission voltage sensor. BUt a few days after I had it checked out the light went off. I just assume its one of the many quirks that come with the car.

Has anyone had this strange starting problem.
Since you already know about the mythical cam sensor, I'll focus on the transaxle and starter issues.

You obviously have an automatic transaxle (P0708). Are you sure your alternator is working correctly? Believe it or not, proper operation of the automatic transaxle is often dependant on a properly functioning alternator.

OTOH, your starter may be going bad. Sometimes the starter solenoid starts to stick before it goes out completely, especially in very cold (sub-freezing) weather, but when things warm up a bit, the starter works fine with no apparent problems. Worth checking into, at the very least.

In my '96 FSM, P0708 refers to "Transaxle Park/Neutral Position Switch - No Data". I don't have any personal experience with the S-series automatic, since my Saturn is a manual, but I think I read somewhere that this switch sometimes may need to be adjusted. Of course, I could be all wet and thinking of something else. Try doing a search using some relevant keywords. Maybe you can find the threads that I'm remembering that discussed these types of issues?
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