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1998 SL2
Default 98 SL2 starting prob

I have a 98 sl2. In the past 6 months I have had a growing starting problem. after i drive any moderate distance my car will not start. I mean it doesn't even attemp to turn over. It just gives a click like the battery is dead but its not. If i let it sit for an hour or more it starts right up and drives fine. It seems it just needs to cool down.

About a week ago I have the service engine light on . I got it checked and the codes P0340 and P0708 came up. i know one is the mythical cam sensor and the other is a transmission voltage sensor. BUt a few days after I had it checked out the light went off. I just assume its one of the many quirks that come with the car.

Has anyone had this strange starting problem.
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