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Default Re: 2003 vue 3.0 random misfire and cam position sensor codes

Good Luck, doing my timing belt the first time was a PITA, You will need to support the engine/transmission and remove the top engine mount. You'll also need the timing tools which you may be able to rent, I bought a set off Ebay. I've also seen videos where people make their own, I wouldn't trust myself doing that and besides the proper tool always makes the job easier. YMMV

There is a guy on Youtube that replaces a belt on a 3.0L Cadillac CTS -- His video is excellent, My first time I was relying on a Chilton's manual and needless to say, their instructions are very confusing, I ended up having to replace it again because I didn't do it correctly using the Chilton's. The CTS video showed me where I was going wrong and made the job 100% easier.

Also, recently I saw a video of a guy (Youtube) removing the front grill and side fenders off his Vue, this looked pretty easy to remove and would make doing the timing belt much easier I would think, Next time this is the route I think I'd go. A couple screws and some push pins and off it comes.

Remember to replace your water pump while you're in there. I hope that cures your problem, as these cars get older, I think we'll all get weird codes popping up, but fortunately you got to the timing belt before it snapped and cost you an engine.
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