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Default Re: New Astra H Repair Assist Videos

Some ideas of typical maintenance items:

- pull metal roof rails, strip and repaint flat black
- order 4 new roof rack covers from eastern europe (see my posts for good cheap source)
- clean throttle body and MAF sensor
- upgrade windshield washer jets with buick units
- PCV flapper is a weak point; that piece is sold separately by some BMW guy
- GM has a service note to remove the orange filters on the cam actuators (I saw you replaced one so not sure if the filters were redesigned)
- whole vvt system runs much better on full synthetic oil
- coil packs fail frequently. OEM plugs were 30k mile jobbers so that was a cause as the increasing gap required more power
- replacing brake fluid resolved jerky braking
- replacing both 02 sensors resolved jerky accelator pedal (on and off was jarring)
- check roof antenna as that can leak and removal is a pain. We just put some silicone on the roof at base
- emergency brake cable allows water to enter which froze in winter or just corrodes cable, killing rear pads. replacement cable is $25 (we put zip ties at rear to prevent water ingress)
- clear coat is soft and thin so use caution with polishing
- strut mounts and springs fail on rust on occasion. You can find strut and spring sources in the forums; some European suppliers are fast and reasonable for price and shipping
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