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Default Re: New Astra H Repair Assist Videos

Thanks AstraFasta, so long story short. Essentially 10 years as a dealer technician, then 5 years working for a scan tool company (which is crazy going from the guy holding the tool reading the codes, to being the guy that sets up the computer requests and responses and defines them so the tool displays properly). I'm still an ASE Master Tech until the end of 2022 with A1-A9 certifications, which basically means I know enough to pass a few tests.

Thanks for the compliments on the videos. I googled repairs for the Astra and this forum almost always came up in the search with some good info. So I figured I'd join and throw some of the videos around if I found people were needing info. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, but if you can see it in a video it can help to really get you lined up. I've only been doing YouTube for about a year, but I try to make videos of things that I figure people would have questions about.
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