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2008 Astra XR
Default Re: Why do you LOVE your Saturn?

I love the Saturn Astra 2DR. They had just come out right before the 2008 stock market "whatever you want to call it," and I remember thinking that the 2 door hatch looked awesome. It didn't have the power of a GTO which looked like a 5/4ths scale Cobalt coupe nor the power of a Cobalt SS that looked like a Baby GTO. But the first one I drove felt sporty, shifted well and handled corners like a champ. It wasn't until this year (2021) that I found a blue one that really caught my eye enough to be added to the fleet. Mostly because I needed to scratch that manual transmission itch again, but there's just something about the way it looks. Now I either need to sell it before it becomes a project car, or look really hard in a Saab swap.
A wise man once tried to teach me, one project car at a time. It never stuck.
2008 Saturn Astra XR 2DR
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