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Default Re: gm dealer can't program a new key, what now?

Originally Posted by lfeld254 View Post
GM Dealer just told me they don't "support" Saturn anymore. Kept the car for
4 days and made a new key for a car they cannot program anymore? What do I do now?
That's not a very good dealer. GM dealers do still support Saturn, they still have the ability to do programming as they still have all the tools and software for it (as someone else mentioned above). That's a lazy dealership.

Go to another GM dealer in your area if that is possible, if one doesn't exist, call GM (Manufacturer) they wont be long contacting that local dealership for them to do the work and they wont be long listening to manufacturer. I still have my Astras at my local dealer when needed. They still can still do the same work, and order in parts etc (of whats still available, as its only availability of 10 years). Programming however is still easily done.

Some locksmiths have the capability to do it also. You need your Car Pass (Security/Key code) for it which you have to get from GM if you dont have it, and usually they will charge for that info, unless you have a GM connection that can get it for you without charging.
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