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Default Re: Oil in spark plug well

I don't think you should reuse a junkyard valve cover gasket. That is a weak point of the Astra. Call your local parts supplier and order a premium gasket.

The Astra does not have a normal PCV valve. It is a rubber flapper in the valve cover, and that is a popular failure item. Not sure how to test with a leaky valve cover gasket. A new valve cover will have a new PCV flapper. There are links here for a replacement flapper from some US guy. This may not be an issue for your car but while you are replacing the parts you may not want to redo.

Caution also with the junkyard coil pack. You can try it out but there is a decent chance it is knackered. If that does not work, you can remove the 4 rubber nipples on your coil pack, clean, and try.

When we had a leaky valve cover gasket, we cleaned and dried the wells, removed the old spark plugs and replaced with new ones. If you have fairly new iridium plugs you might just clean them. If the plugs are not iridium or exotic metal type, I would replace. The OEM plugs were ~25k mile replacement items per the owners' manual (perhaps worn OEM plugs caused all the coil pack failures).

The car is very sensitive to proper gap. You can't use a metal gaping tool on exotic metal spark plugs but you can eyeball.

Note there are a lot of pirate spark plugs, so it is risky to source from eBay, Amazon, etc. Go to a local reliable distributor.

Hopefully the coilpack, valve cover gasket, and spark plug work sort out all the codes.

Thermostat is super easy to change. I would also get a new gasket.

If you have a leaky flexpipe, that can cause some O2 codes fyi. But one thing at a time.

Good luck.
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