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Default Re: MP3 USB Adapters? HELP PLEASE!

I was unware of there being 2 aux inputs. You have aux input, that means either a 3.5mm mini or rca inputs. The HU has to read and convert whatever is on the drive. If your HU does not have the firmware to read USB it cannot be done. MP3 adapters, like FM modulators? I use the A/V out, not headphone, on my Zen and use the 3.5mm mini patch cable into the aux no worse for sound then a mp3 encoded disc, which is not any different then a USB drive in this case.

Oh, I just remembered. GM has a PAL(personal audio link) that will allow control of an Ipod from the stereo itself. Here's a link of someone who has it plus a discussion. Other then the Ipod I don't think it has much use. Short search for GM PAL.

OK more searching, Crutchfield is great! $200, but it uses a separate controller, I'm not sure if our radios have RDS. I paid less then $200 for my 30gb Zen and patch cable.
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