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2004 ION-2 Sedan
Default Re: Communications link error, service vehicle and brake warning

Positively noted update. New scan tool is connecting now. Apparently in my now known reckless checking of the obd plug prior to buying the car (back when I was attempting to scan it with non can based scanners) I carefully (so I thought) pulled each pin from the connector, inspected it, and reinserted it. Well I failed to reinsert pin 6 “can high” fully and that caused my link error. Rechecking my old scanners, they still do not link, but the new Innova I just bought does, so there’s my plus!

The car had no DTCs present, but then I pulled the SRS codes and came up with b1001, u1000, u1016, and u1096. Which erased with the scanner, and did not pop up on an immediate rescan. Again, I have no check engine light, no airbag light, and everything functions and runs as it should. I even got the door locks working again with an auto unlock/lock feature reset. Researching those codes all points to faults that would lead to what I’d think make their respective indicator lights come on and stay, and again, they all function on start up then go off as if normally functioning, minus the brake light. I still haven’t drained the m/c reservoir yet to test the float and sensor, so there’s that.

Thanks again!
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