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Wow, I just looked up that Maximizer Tri-Y.

It's nearly $400 plus $50 for shipping!

I couldn't justify that kind of money on a nearly 30 year old car.

Plus, at that price it would have to add another 25 horsepower for me to even consider it. The seat-of-the-pants experience would have to be phenomenal!

I see 3 used ones advertised in wrecking yards around me for $30-$45, and one of them is already pulled and on the shelf. I just paid for a new flexible pipe to be welded into my original system, so it wouldn't be much to cut ahead of it and join it to a new header downpipe. But is it worth it? That's where my question comes from.

Plus. . . . . .Is there a catalytic converter built on to that header? My catalytic is down by the driver's feet, and it took the courtesy of breaking itself up and blowing out the muffler over the last 6 months. I thought the rattle would NEVER stop. But it did FINALLY! My neighbor told me the noise was the belt tensioner, lol.

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