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1999 SC1
2001 SC1
Wrench just replaced the valve body, new problems arose

I replaced the valve body in my 1999 sc1 with one from my 2001 that I know was working a few months ago. It is now going forward in all gears except park. It also started making an alarming noise immediately after starting, I then panic and switch it off. This noise developed when I double checked to see if the spark plug wires were in the correct order.
If I need to swap the engine or trans, I need to know before 7 days, the city is coming for both non-running cars.
1997 V6 Mustang coupe 2018-2019(wrecked, airbags went off)
2001 SC1 2020-2021(wrecked, frame was bent)
1999 SC1 2021-now(working progress)
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