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Default Re: Does a failing brake light switch cause more than one problem?

hi pierrot- oh hell. now the old stoplight switch trick. been in many wars, but havent encountered this one yet. but always want to be ready for an enemys sneak attack. no cruise control,blinker fluid , abs or muffler bearings in my 01 L100. check all my lights monthly. usually a failed bulb. assuming this switch is located on or near the upper part of the brake pedal. correct? also this two pole switch is the old type with spring loaded contactors and a push off springed button to activate the lights. correct? would be the opposite from the clutch pedal switch on the floor which when pushed by the pedal turns on the ignition/starter circuit. might be smart to pick up this switch now for the near future when they become as scarce as parts for a 37 studebaker which had a wizard control switch next to the floorshift. bet nobody left in the world can say what that was for( i can). thanks tons, regards and keep up the good work. bob f
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