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Default Re: Headlight Assembly

Our family also had a Geo Prizm. That was an awesome design upgrade to the Toyota Corolla.

The Astra was Car of the Year in Europe for several years and they are all over the place. They are pretty good cars overall; a lot of fun and the foldable rear seats are ace. You can double fold the rear seats for more cargo space by flipping the bottom seat cushion first.

Change the hood when you have some extra cash.

You want to use Full Synthetic oil on these and change pretty frequently (e.g. 5k miles) else the cam phasers get noisy, which is painful and expensive to fix.

Change or at least clean the cabin air filter or you risk killing the blower resistor which is a pain to remove.

Change the spark plugs or risk killing the coil pack.

Car runs a lot better after cleaning the throttle body. Get a new air filter too.

On the suspension, the drop links fail frequently causing sloppy handling and clunking. Fortunately they are cheap and easy to change.

Is your car an automatic or manual transmission?
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