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Default Re: P065E code coming up again.

Originally Posted by masonhills View Post
I'm in a similar boat to the original thread. P065E code, have done all of the cleaning steps, but haven't looked for a vacuum leak. How would you test for a vacuum leak?

Ill also note that I notice no loss of power, fuel mileage is right as it should be (8.5L/100km), car idles well (just under 1000rpm), and no strange noise or anything worrisome. Just that damn code and a CEL.

I plan to get to the bottom of this and will go as far as removing the intake manifold to see if anything is amiss. I will include updates along the way. If anyone else has any further updates, I would be happy to hear them, thanks.
If you want to do it yourself, you'll need an EVAP machine like this one:

there are cheaper ones, and some going for 20 bucks, but those are junk (tried one that you plug a cigar to and pump it manually, but it just didn't have enough pressure).

It may be cheaper to pay a shop to do an EVAP for you, however it's nice to have one of these things around for future tests. I'm also having problems with other codes and underperformance etc. Car still runs and drives, but hesitates at times.
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