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Russet 04-07-2021 02:54 PM

'03 Saturn retirement planning stage
After owning and driving my Saturn for close to 248K. I am having to do retirement plans for it as it's getting older and older and having more issues leaving me with concerns from the 400K trip. Since then it has developed a rear driver wheel bearing issue and consider the money spent on fixing it for the second time the timing belt issue it's time to let it go to some other DIY person for their term. We bought a 2002 Honda CRV and now have to do some brake replace or check on it and this will become the daily driver and I will have to find another CRV for my parents as we will have to let go both of our Saturns and insure that the CRV will become our next family AWD for the upper midwest and for Snowy times when they do arrive.

pierrot 04-07-2021 05:04 PM

Re: '03 Saturn retirement planning stage
[FONT="Palatino Linotype"][SIZE="3"]I can certainly appreciate the situation. It's something which is in my thoughts about my own car from time to time. As much as I like my LS1, some day it will become clear that it can no longer be of use to me. I wish you the best with the replacement vehicles! :yes:[/SIZE][/FONT]

rfisher 04-08-2021 07:30 AM

Re: '03 Saturn retirement planning stage
hi pierrot and russet- you two sages pose an interesting and ultimate question for the car owner in general. one solution is to accept lifetime monthly car payments which i wont do. my L100 has been a good car since new. hoping to run it for another 50k(now 190k). to me the major problem is unavailable parts. e.g.- actuators for hvac and rear coil springs . only alternative when the L100 hits the junkyard squashing machine appears to be the ford victoria or the mercury marquis. coppas knew what they were doing when they picked that vehicle for long term service and reliability. only problem with that model is no manual trans which means a 4k repair bill when the auto trans craps. going to cut to the chase- what late model used car would be good choice for ease/cheapness of repair and long term reliability? used to be an easy choice. maybe the old chrysler ads(1980s) is apropos to wit- with the price of everything going up and up you have to give up and up. looks like nothing has changed. lately looking for a saturn vue with a 4cyl and 3 pedals. more parts available for that model if you can find one. your thoughts? thanks tons bob f

Russet 04-13-2021 04:44 PM

Re: '03 Saturn retirement planning stage
Another thing is there is this thump thump as I drive and the mech said he is trying to find out where it's coming from before fixing it. This another reason time is running out here. Also parts take time to arrive and our CRV the parts where already in store so that is another reason. Is if you have to fix that day will you be able to fix it.

rfisher 04-17-2021 09:22 AM

Re: '03 Saturn retirement planning stage
hi russ- but what do you do about about L parts like rear coils and actuators. if i am eluding coppas on thunder road at 2a and run into a blizzard- i need the defrost function. unsympathetic confederate said why in hell dont you junk that L and buy a civic or a corolla. are those two the new model A's. what think you russ? thanks tons bob f

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