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Gbentley 03-02-2021 12:13 AM

Gbentley 1998 sc1 update still stalls close to solving problem
Hello again..George here. I decided to start a new thread. First of all thank you for all the wise words everyone. I really appreciate this site. Ok recap: so I went and got all this work done at mechanic. Fuel pump, crankshaft position sensor,idle air control sensor, and fuel filter done, also took it to get oil change, air filter, new spark plugs,spark plug wires,one coil pack, also I went to get 2 replacement ICMs because at my local junk yard they were only 5dollars each. I put in the best looking one from a 1999 sc1 it worked fine and car ran great. I was so happy. I also replaced driver seat (wouldn't recline) and I got all kinds of things that were missing for interior and parking light and passenger side view mirror ect. Felt like I was on top of the world with a beautiful sounding perfect healthy sounding car. Oh forgot to mention also bought 2 new tires for the back .Then it happened again😱😱 same thing stalled out on highway. Now here's what's new..and i apologize for not figuring this one out long ago. Here's my new problem...If my car gets to half an inch over half a tank of gas that's when it stalls. It keeps repeating this but tends to run longer if I let it sit awhile,however, this time I was near a gas station and happened to have ten bucks left on me. I filled it up and it made it 30 more miles back home no stall at all. Now I can confirm this only happens when it gets closer to half a tank. As much as I prayed it was the cps or the icm it wasn't. I feel like maybe the mechanic did something wrong or there's a failure in fuel pump?? ? I really honestly have no idea now. That fuel pump job nearly cost me 600 with labor not to mention tow so I'm not so happy with this particular mechanic if that's what's wrong.At this point all I can say is at least now I just have to always keep it full to avoid stalling but please let me know what else I can do from here I don't have much money and was really counting on this to be fixed so I could try to get a job. I live 50 miles from town and we have now put more into this car than I've payed for it originally 1200. I really do appreciate you guys and any help or advice is welcome when you have the time thank you Sincerely George

Goggles Pisano 03-02-2021 12:48 AM

Re: Gbentley 1998 sc1 update still stalls close to solving problem
Do you know what brand of fuel filter was put on your SC1?

Gbentley 03-02-2021 12:58 AM

Re: Gbentley 1998 sc1 update still stalls close to solving problem
I don't know I will call mechanic tomorrow morning and find out or if not I'll crawl under there and check if I can read anything off it. Thanks

fetchitfido 03-02-2021 10:39 AM

Re: Gbentley 1998 sc1 update still stalls close to solving problem
One of my dad's old Oldsmobile had a correctly diagnosed fuel pump not working, idiot mechanic charged him almost $500 to replace the pump without bothering to check if the pump was receiving power (it wasn't). Mechanic then washed his hands of it by saying electrical problems aren't his problems. No refund on any of the work done despite it being 100% wrong. Still not as bad as a buddy that dropped a cylinder on a DT466 and shop #1 got him for $5000 with a new turbo (turned into not new but rebuilt!), but still quite annoying.

'98-'02 Saturns require a quality fuel filter/regulator, last I knew only directly OEM and WIX made acceptable unit's. It's not as bad as the MP injection used on '97ish-'00ish Silverado 5.7's but it's close (those won't fire the injectors with less than 55psi of fuel pressure)

Highmile 03-03-2021 01:14 PM

Re: Gbentley 1998 sc1 update still stalls close to solving problem
Swap the fuel pump relay with the a/c relay.

'95 SL1 725k and counting

Gbentley 03-03-2021 07:44 PM

Re: Gbentley 1998 sc1 update still stalls close to solving problem
Wow I feel pretty foolish you guys...I just realized I had the firing order wrong on spark plugs I had it 1432 when it should of been 4123 it's been in wrong order for a couple days now.Q I hope I didn't damage anything but it's from when I changed out the ignition module. Could this of been the reason my engine died on me? I right away noticed I had better power up hills and a much better idle. Thank you I will look into switching out modules AC/fuel pump. I only noticed this today because the engine temp went way up over 1/2 then after switching the right way came back down to 3/8. This whole time I don't even realize the firing order is right there under hood lol so can anyone tell me could this of been why my engine would just cut off randomly? I hope this fixed it I'll know by this weekend because Taking a big trip.

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