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Michaelindigo 10-26-2015 07:54 AM

99 Saturn SL1 Airbag Module Reset SRS ECU Help!
I recently did something really stupid. I thought I was in reverse and gunned it forward into a curb at a gas station. Both airbags deployed. I went and purchased both replacement airbags. I don't know what to do about the SRS airbag module. How do you reset it? I tried d/c the neg battery cable, and the light is still on.. I have a few questions, and I'd appreciate some helpful answers here. Are there any potential hazards installing new airbags without replacing / fixing the SRS Module that has crash data in it? Could the new airbags deploy because of previous information stored in the Module? I'd like to at least take care of what I can since I have the airbags now. Will my airbag light shut off after I install the new airbags ( without having replaced the SRS module ). How do I reset the SRS Module? If I buy an old module that doesn't have crash data on it, can I install that without needing to have it programmed? And is there any specific order I should be taking in the Airbag system replacement? should it all be done in one shot or can I do the airbags before I do the Module?

fdryer 10-26-2015 08:21 AM

Re: 99 Saturn SL1 Airbag Module Reset SRS ECU Help!
The SDM cannot be reset.

Here's a partial reprint from the service manual;

[I] Inflatable Restraint Sensing and Diagnostic Module Replacement


Be careful when you handle a sensing and diagnostic module (SDM). Do not strike or jolt the SDM. Before applying power to the SDM:

Remove any dirt, grease, etc. From the mounting surface.
Position the SDM horizontally on the mounting surface.
Tighten all of the SDM fasteners and SDM bracket fasteners to the specified torque value.
Failure to follow the correct procedures could cause air bag deployment, personal injury, or unnecessary SIR system repairs.


Proper operation of the supplemental inflatable restraint (SIR) sensing system requires that any repairs to the vehicle structure return the vehicle structure to the original production configuration. Not properly repairing the vehicle structure could cause non-deployment of the air bag in a frontal collision or deployment of the air bag for conditions less severe than intended. Incorrect configuration may result in personal injury.

After a collision involving air bag deployment, replace these components. If you detect any damage to the mounting hardware, repair or replace the mounting hardware as needed.

Inflatable Restraint I/P (inflator) Module
Inflatable Restraint Sensing and Diagnostic Module
Inflatable Restraint Steering Wheel (inflator) Module After a collision involving air bag deployment, inspect the following components as indicated. Perform these component inspections in addition to the inspection indicated as "Accident With or Without Air Bag Deployment." If you find any damage to the mounting points or mounting hardware, repair the component or replace the hardware as needed.
Inflatable Restraint Steering Coil Assembly -- Inspect the coil and the coil wiring pigtail for melting, scorching, or other damage due to excessive heat. [/I]

Michaelindigo 10-26-2015 09:02 AM

Re: 99 Saturn SL1 Airbag Module Reset SRS ECU Help!
Thanks. So I guess I need to buy a new Module... The SDM is the same thing as the srs airbag module that's located under the center console? So according to this I can replace the airbags before I put the new module in?

fdryer 10-26-2015 09:49 AM

Re: 99 Saturn SL1 Airbag Module Reset SRS ECU Help!
You're attempting to make repairs away from recommended procedures set forth in service manuals so this leaves room for doubt about how successful anyone trying a diy repair. Search for problems with other members repairing theirs within these forums. Some are successful, others are not. Failure to follow thru with the list does result in the SIR system unable to operate with the airbag indicator staying ON, telling you repairs are not done correctly. The sdm is the technical term for the module sitting in the console. Others have tried undeployed airbag components from donor cars but again you should search threads before deciding on what to buy. Worse case scenario is nothing works with the airbag light still ON, best case is full restoration with the airbag light turning on and then off when turning on ignition. The only indication of the airbag system working is the indicator; on means its performing its own power up self tests and if everything is operating the light turns off with the SIR system enabled, on standby.

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