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diaza49509 05-27-2015 03:15 AM

A/c not working help!!!
Have a 2003 Saturn vue 3.0 fwd 193000 miles. Last year at the end of the summer the a/c went out it was leaking by the compressor somewhere in that area on the passenger side it was yellow in color at first I thought it was the antifreeze but realize it wasn't because of the color. It leaked all the refrigerant and ever since if the heater is on defrost, feet, or defrost feet you can hear the a/c click about every 30 seconds or so. I know it's the a/c because when I turn the a/c it does the clicking sound. The only time it does not turn on is if I have it on panel, and panel feet. Just to be clear the heater works but when it's in the settings I mentioned the a/c clicks. Any ideas help

Chazberry 05-27-2015 07:29 AM

Re: A/c not working help!!!
Welcome aboard!
I had to replace the Compressor on my '03 - my experience here . . .

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