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Quickstreet 06-21-2011 08:00 PM

2005 vue a/c problems
My buddy's 2005 Vue A/C is not working properly. The pressure is high, however the unit does not blow cold air and as the outside temp rises? so does the inside vent temp. We were going to try and refill the system but it seems the pressure is showing on the high side of full (or green). There seems to be a lot of oil in the system also? This unit has not been serviced as yet by anyone! Any ideas would be appreciated. We need to get it fixed and just don't want to get raped by a mechanic or service center here in southern FL. Someone has mentioned having it emptied and refilled using a vac system? all help appreciated thanks

adventureoflink 06-21-2011 08:28 PM

Re: 2005 vue a/c problems
first off, this is the S-series forum. the Vue forum I believe is just below the S-series ones.

next, I believe you'll need a recharge/recovery unit to recover any A/C left in your system -- means $$$$.

also, those gauges on the refill cans mean jack squat. you should be able to get a decent set of A/C gauges at harbor freight for a good price.

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