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Chicopee L300 08-14-2021 03:12 PM

Saturn L300 control arm bolts
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First time posting.....
Figured I might save someone some time and frustration...
Wanted to swap out the front lower control arm and balljoint assembly on my 2002 L300 sedan....tried opening the bolts...and yep super off to my goto mechanic, but to be proactive, knowing the sad story of suspension bolts snapping on removal, I attempted to buy the 4 replacement bolts in advance...
GM 11096192....
Yup Discontinued...1 bolt on ebay...well thats not helpful, so after finding out a version of this car was made under the Opel label in europe, my search widened.
Found an aftermarket longer available. listed the specs and dimensions...
Which in turn helped me find an automovite bolt vendor here in Mass.
The bolt is a grade 10.9 12 x 1.5 mm thread flange head , 90mm long under the head.
I purchased corresponding flanged nuts in case, but turns out the reason they dont show on the exploded view at GM is because they are welded to the chassis.see attached pic of the bolts....vendor online is
Hope somebody finds this helpful.

lrbraner 08-14-2021 08:45 PM

Re: Saturn L300 control arm bolts
Bolts are bolts. People get caught up in not knowing that.
Most automotive fasteners are available from other sources.
McMaster -Carr is a great source for fasteners.

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