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Ryan_2008VueXr 05-12-2021 12:39 AM

Lights on Dash - Whats the problem?
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I started my car this evening and these lights stayed lit on my dash. The light for tire pressure has been there but the other four lights are new. My emergency brake is not engaged and while driving the car everything seems normal. Does anyone know what could be the issue?

Thank you.

fdryer 05-12-2021 02:28 PM

Re: Lights on Dash - Whats the problem?
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The TPMS indicator may not be about low pressure as much as neglecting to replace dead sensors from battery depletion. Once a battery in a sensor assembly dies, tire pressure goes back to drivers checking tires if a sensor isn't replaced. Original tpms sensors were rated for around 10yrs life, possibly enough for one tire replacement per wheel. Your owner's manual should have guidance on when to replace them.

The brake light may be an indication from one of several issues; brake lever not fully released, park brake switch faulty, brake fluid below the low level mark on the brake master cylinder reservoir. If brake fluid is lower than the low level mark, either a leak occurred or more likely brakes are worn. Brake fluid level changes is mostly due to disc brakes wearing down. As brake pads in disc brakes wear down, the caliper piston extends from its housing to take up the difference from new thick pads over 3/8" each (total thickness of both pads equaling 3/4") to less than 1/8" thickness (1/4" total). As pistons extend from caliper housings, brake fluid fills the void, lowering the reservoir level. Some fear a brake leak when its most likely worn down brake pads. Brake wear usually shows up in annual inspections or personal periodic maintenance. When worn brake pads are replaced, the pistons must be pressed back into the calipers. This forces brake fluid back into the reservoir, raising the level. Never top off brake fluid until brakes are thoroughly inspected to rule out unforeseen leaks from wear and tear or damage in the brake system.

The traction control alert and tc OFF indicates something internal to the abs/tc system. The abs/tc system performs self tests every time the vehicle ignition is turned on with a second test when driving off (the zinging sound some hear as the abs/tc system exercises its motor and maybe valves). During self tests, if a fault is detected system programming automatically disables the entire abs/tc system to prevent interfering with braking. Braking remains as it always was, a hydraulic system with a brake boost unit for power assisted braking - braking without abs or traction control. An error code may be stored for retrieval but not from generic readers. Either a better reader capable of decoding stored abs/tc error codes or separate abs/tc reader to display codes. Some brake shops and auto parts stores may have readers capable of decoding abs/tc error codes. Autozone provides free readings and may have abs/tc readers. A diy diagnostic and troubleshooting method without a reader is possible.

Crawling under the car may reveal wiring, wheel speed and/or reluctor damage. Some sensors are hidden in wheel bearing assemblies and cannot be inspected for damage. Wiring runs from each wheel speed sensor to the abs/tc electronics.

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