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sc2 saturn 05-08-2021 01:49 AM

belt question
01 sc2 i installed a metal pulley on the Tensioner so 90mm compared to oem 76mm dia, went to install my new belt after doing my alternator bearing it measures 77.76 inch or 1975mm and i have hardly any movement to loosen belt maybe 1/8 if that and it was very close to my crank pulley, but my worn out belt that has a small pin hole in it, i have about half inch movement roughly is it normal to have that close tolerance to crank pulley with bigger dia tensioner pulley with new belt? i looked rock auto and all there belts with A/C P/S Etc is all same size that, been my tensioner is close to crank pulley dose that matter any? been the belt comes off crank to tensioner alternator p/s idler water pump and ac?

fetchitfido 05-08-2021 09:41 AM

Re: belt question
The belt diagram should be on the radiator support. Same routing on both SOHC and DOHC, though I believe the optional "no power steering pump" has the belt over the idler rather than under it.

There's likely a clearance issue with the larger pulley which is why it's got so little movement. You'll also need a different length belt than OEM, I think it was a 77.8" belt instead of a 77.5" (could be a totally different size, likely need to use twine to get a close measurement and then get 2+ belts from the parts store). Yes, that little bit is the difference between a belt that fits properly and one that has the tensioner knocking while the engine is running.

billr 05-08-2021 01:06 PM

Re: belt question
The 90mm is the OEM, not the other way around; and it has plenty of clearance to a [I]stock[/I] crank pulley (about 1/2" or more). Well, "plenty" for the engine to operate, maybe those smaller pulleys or longer belts came about to aid "5-minute" belt changes? A stock 778/1975 belt will fit.

sc2 saturn 05-08-2021 05:32 PM

Re: belt question
oem for me was the 76mm and i upgraded to 90mm i tired to use the belt i got 2 years ago which is brand new ac delco 5k778 unfortunately every website i checked for a belt there all same size 77.79 length which gives only like 1/8 roughly for tensioner to move and looks like its touching crank or its very close to be touching is there any other saturns that use a longer belt then a 77.79?

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