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lrbraner 07-27-2021 04:05 PM

Trailing arm front bushing.
Is it possible to replace the front bushing in the trailing arm without completely removing the arm from the car ?

floridasl22002 07-27-2021 04:17 PM

Re: Trailing arm front bushing.
Short answer is I'm not sure. When I did the bushings on my son's L300 a couple of years ago. I did end up removing the trailing arms. It's a big doughnut type bushing that's a mix of rubber and steel.

If you can swap out the bushing with removing the arm from the car, that would be great as that arm is a heavy sucker.If you can that front of the ram to drop down enough, then it should be possible.

I removed my doughnuts with a mixture of blow torch to get rid of the rubber and a sawzall to saw across the steel bushing. Once it was split, it created just enough wiggle room to push it out. I got a bushing loaner from O'Reillys to install the new bushing. I always use dishwash soap as the lubricant to help them slide in better. It doesn't damage the rubber or the steel and simply gets washed off over time.

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