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saturnismyaura 05-07-2021 02:13 PM

2007 Need Help with Error Codes
I know very little about cars but a recent experience has motivated me to begin to learn. Took 2007 aura to firestone for coolant hose replacement, should be no biggie. Drove off the lot with a check engine light and error codes [B][I][SIZE="4"]p0128(coolant temp below thermostat regulating temp) and p0522(engine oil pressure sensor/switch circuit low voltage)[/SIZE][/I][/B] Haven't had a check engine in years, so I've figured they knocked something around while replacing the hose and now want me to pay to fix. I'm really wanting to see if this is something I can do myself, or if anyone has had experience with these error codes. I believe it has to do with wiring, as sometimes the car won't start when I turn the key all the way (battery is fine). Found if I turn key to turn battery on, shift to neutral and turn key, then back to park it'll start. My understanding is that this activates the computer in some way to start the car, but again, i'm very ignorant at this point.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated and have a great day :usa:

imaddicted2u 05-08-2021 07:48 AM

Re: 2007 Need Help with Error Codes
P0128 is likely caused by thermostat stuck open so engine doesn't get to operating temperature is a preset time. Depending on the hose that was replaced, there could be something stuck in and is holding the thermostat open.

P0522 is caused by either a bad oil pressure sensor or low oil pressure. They may have hit the wiring so maybe check that the plug is in properly and the wiring looks OK. If the engine is making abnormal noise it could have low oil pressure. Search and you'll find a thread on how I changed mine.

The starting issue could be caused by the neutral switch or shifter bushing. There was a safety recall for the shifter cable assembly so could be that too.

bmp93 05-11-2021 04:02 PM

Re: 2007 Need Help with Error Codes
p0128 was the thermostat on my car. It was still opening and closing properly, but the rubber seal had worn out. This allowed coolant to flow through to the radiator even when the thermostat was closed.

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