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flannelenamel 08-13-2006 04:31 PM

Loud Knocking Noise
I am new here so bear with me. i have a 95 sc2 with an auto trans. i deliver pizzas for a living and i need to drive fast, however i cant. ironically i cant break the speed limit. the trouble has been my motor mount. it recently broke to pieces and was vibrating to hell to the point where the car was barely drivable (i am a teenager, and do not have a mature respect for cars... if it goes, it goes!). unfortunately, i drove the car with the motor mount going out... a lot. i replaced the motor mount today, everything seemed just fine... until i went on the highway. when i reach around 60-70mph, i hear a LOUD knocking noise from my engine bay that lets off when i slow back down to 60. i put together this, tell me what you think. i concluded that since i let the motor mount go completely out to the point of metal to metal contact, it wore the other 2 transmission mounts out. i would check to see if these are worn, but i have to idea wear they are in that mess of hoses and wires. are there any pics available? i was wondering which mount would go out first or have the most pressure on it, if that is possible to know. i am on a tight budget or i would get a mechanic to look it over. please get back to me asap.



ssicarman 08-13-2006 06:51 PM

Re: Loud Knocking Noise
Welcome to the Board.

Make sure that the engine mount is tightened down properly. The upper engine mount would need to be pretty much not in the car to damage the other mounts to the point of making noise only at highway speeds. The other mounts would tend to make noise when the engine is moved around like whenthe trans is shifted. So if the noise is steady state driving then it is most likely from something else.

Does the noise sound like it is from the engine or the drive train? Oil level ok?

flannelenamel 08-13-2006 09:41 PM

Re: Loud Knocking Noise
oil level is perfect. the noise sounds like its coming from the transmission, only when i reach high speeds though. im just gonna have a mechanic look at it in the morning. hopefully he can help.

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