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KEP3 03-12-2021 07:45 PM

New season, dead battery
According to the manual there's supposed to be a tab near the main fuse box for jumping a dead battery. Uh, huh. Right. Where? The location per the manual isn't there on my Red Line.

fdryer 03-13-2021 02:53 PM

Re: New season, dead battery
Virtually every vehicle utilizes a direct connection between the battery positive cable and starter with a smaller gauge branching off this main cable to feed the engine fuse box. Main battery ground(s) are to chassis and engine block.

If there's a 'remote' starting post to attach the positive jumper cable, did you try looking for the starter's battery cable connection and following it back to the engine fuse box and battery? Any post for attaching the red jumper cable should be obvious.

Ions with its rear mounted battery have a remote start post next to the engine fuse box. It's capped in red plastic. Jumper cables connect to this post and engine block for a jump start.

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