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heyjustchill 04-13-2015 07:27 PM

Replacing PCM
Hey i have Saturn 1999 SL1 and i am a 100% sure the pcm is at fault. I was wondering if i could use this to read the pcm and then flash that onto a new pcm.

BTW this is my pcm:

Also as a side note its kinda of weird that the pcm is for 97 Saturn and not a 99.

Thanks for any advice or help

OldNuc 04-13-2015 07:46 PM

Re: Replacing PCM
You need to find a 99 SOHC Auto PCM with the same options you have. See link for options to match. Options MUST match or you get to have the 99 box reflashed by the dealer.


RKE means electric door locks.

heyjustchill 04-13-2015 08:03 PM

Re: Replacing PCM
So i can't just read my current pcm and flash onto this using the above cable?

OldNuc 04-13-2015 08:13 PM

Re: Replacing PCM
No. The first number on that label is the actual flash code part number and the 2nd is the hardware part number and it is for a earlier PCM(96 - 97). Not sure why you think it is defective but I would not hold out much hope for it functioning correctly with a 99 SOHC with auto trans.

heyjustchill 04-13-2015 08:26 PM

Re: Replacing PCM
Well the current PCM is installed is a 97 from my understanding which seems rly weird.

OldNuc 04-13-2015 08:32 PM

Re: Replacing PCM
Try using a real keyboard, or edit carefully.

A 96-97 PCM hardware is not compatible with a 99 car. I have no idea exactly which flash code is in there but unless it is actually for a 99 it is not going to work.

heyjustchill 04-13-2015 08:40 PM

Re: Replacing PCM
This picture is of my current pcm installed in my car which is a Sl1 1999.

The only pcm that has that same part number is that of a 1997 pcm.

Forgive me but im new to all of this and the dealership wants to charge me $900 for a new pcm and flashing it.

Signmaster 04-13-2015 08:42 PM

Re: Replacing PCM
Best bet would be to try to find the PCM and get the price from the dealer for just flashing it. But as OldNuc suggested, finding a PCM with the same options/year would probably be the less expensive option.

heyjustchill 04-13-2015 08:51 PM

Re: Replacing PCM
But i have no idea what PCM to get since numbers on my current PCM are for a 1997 and apparently that's not compatible with my 1999 sl1. I'm so confused.

OldNuc 04-13-2015 08:56 PM

Re: Replacing PCM
You can find them on ebay or you can go to a Pick & Pull and take one out of a SOHC with auto and that has the same options you have. Once you have a 99 hardware PCM for a SOHC Auto then it can be programmed to your vin.

heyjustchill 04-13-2015 08:56 PM

Re: Replacing PCM
Also i bought this on ebay

After sending the seller the pic of pcm he said it wont work for my car.

I reallyappreciate your input on this

OldNuc 04-13-2015 08:57 PM

Re: Replacing PCM
Have you checked the VIN of your car? Why do you think the PCM is bad?

heyjustchill 04-13-2015 09:03 PM

Re: Replacing PCM
My mechanic hooked it up to a real time thingy and all the wiring was fine, and it keeps throwing O2 error code, and yes he replaced the O2 sensor.

OldNuc 04-13-2015 09:14 PM

Re: Replacing PCM
PM this poster your complete VIN number. [url][/url]

Codes have numbers, we need the number not what someone told you.

OldNuc 04-13-2015 09:25 PM

Re: Replacing PCM
First step is to find out exactly what you have year and model wise and options. The VIN code till provide that info. Copy it from the tag you can see through the windshield on the drivers side right at the base of the glass, look from the outside.

heyjustchill 04-13-2015 09:26 PM

Re: Replacing PCM
Okay sent him my vin, so what will we be able to figure out with that?

I'll also post it here

My Vin is: 1G8ZH528XXZ371179 1999 Saturn Sl1

Sorry for being such a noob

OldNuc 04-13-2015 10:07 PM

Re: Replacing PCM
1999 Sl-1 SOHC auto

The rest would be the RPO codes that should be on the tag on the spare tire cover. You show 2 X in a row, the first one should be a number.

Look on the spare tire cover for the list of 3 letter codes.

At this point you will have to find a 99 SOHC auto PCM with your options to make this car run. No eBay seller has any idea as to what options were installed so if you buy an eBay PCM yo will have to haul it to the Chevy dealer to get it flashed to your VIN. Then when you install it you will have to do the crank relearn and I have directions for that.

heyjustchill 04-13-2015 10:26 PM

Re: Replacing PCM
Okay i got the pic of spare tire cover

heyjustchill 04-13-2015 10:45 PM

Re: Replacing PCM
So will this unit work for my car? me=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

After i bring it to the dealer and have them flash it even though the part number isn't the same as the current pcm.

OldNuc 04-13-2015 11:47 PM

Re: Replacing PCM
That one is for a SOHC Manual transmission car, won't work. Need SOHC auto

OK, will decipher the RPO codes tomorrow.

Where do you live?

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