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JFS 08-09-2021 02:32 PM

New Astra H Repair Assist Videos
I'm surprised that there are very recent postings on Astra H repairs and maintenance on YouTube. Very often, these have very different engines, brake component sizes, and other variables, but still in-the-ballpark knowledge of Astra H anatomy.

Please have a look at the two YouTube channels below and look at all videos for July and August 2021.


[URL=""]AMS Vauxhall[/URL]

JFS 08-10-2021 01:10 PM

Re: New Astra H Repair Assist Videos
Let's try that AutoDocUK with just the straight link:


Big_Mike 11-30-2021 11:56 PM

Re: New Astra H Repair Assist Videos
I've made a few videos, not saying they are any good, but they may be handy if you've ran into similar issues as me. The below link is my YouTube page and just scroll down to the "Kiss My Astra" playlist. I knew this car was a little bit of a basket case from checking it out when I bought it, but the hits just kept coming.:whoa:


AstraFasta 12-01-2021 10:56 AM

Re: New Astra H Repair Assist Videos
Big_Mike - that is a lot of Saturn Astra H repair videos! How long did you work at dealers?

Videos have excellent lighting, detail, and narrative.

The playlist is the analysis and refurb of an Astra XR manual transmission with 200k miles and some rust. Astra video topics include:

- Buyer's inspection tips
- Interior detail
- Tire repair plug
- Headlight resotration
- Drop links for sway bar
- Accessory tensioner
- Outside mirrors
- Cabin Air Filter
- Rear shocks
- Tire pressure light
- Valve cover gasket
- Spark plugs
- Exhaust repair
- Rust repair
- Oil cooler repair
...and more!

Just click on his "Kiss my Astra" playlist and run them all.

Big_Mike 12-02-2021 01:01 AM

Re: New Astra H Repair Assist Videos
Thanks AstraFasta, so long story short. Essentially 10 years as a dealer technician, then 5 years working for a scan tool company (which is crazy going from the guy holding the tool reading the codes, to being the guy that sets up the computer requests and responses and defines them so the tool displays properly). I'm still an ASE Master Tech until the end of 2022 with A1-A9 certifications, which basically means I know enough to pass a few tests.

Thanks for the compliments on the videos. I googled repairs for the Astra and this forum almost always came up in the search with some good info. So I figured I'd join and throw some of the videos around if I found people were needing info. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, but if you can see it in a video it can help to really get you lined up. I've only been doing YouTube for about a year, but I try to make videos of things that I figure people would have questions about.

AstraFasta 12-02-2021 02:31 AM

Re: New Astra H Repair Assist Videos
Some ideas of typical maintenance items:

- pull metal roof rails, strip and repaint flat black
- order 4 new roof rack covers from eastern europe (see my posts for good cheap source)
- clean throttle body and MAF sensor
- upgrade windshield washer jets with buick units
- PCV flapper is a weak point; that piece is sold separately by some BMW guy
- GM has a service note to remove the orange filters on the cam actuators (I saw you replaced one so not sure if the filters were redesigned)
- whole vvt system runs much better on full synthetic oil
- coil packs fail frequently. OEM plugs were 30k mile jobbers so that was a cause as the increasing gap required more power
- replacing brake fluid resolved jerky braking
- replacing both 02 sensors resolved jerky accelator pedal (on and off was jarring)
- check roof antenna as that can leak and removal is a pain. We just put some silicone on the roof at base
- emergency brake cable allows water to enter which froze in winter or just corrodes cable, killing rear pads. replacement cable is $25 (we put zip ties at rear to prevent water ingress)
- clear coat is soft and thin so use caution with polishing
- strut mounts and springs fail on rust on occasion. You can find strut and spring sources in the forums; some European suppliers are fast and reasonable for price and shipping

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