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Osiris 01-21-2021 06:12 PM

Why do you LOVE your Saturn?
Been poking around all over this forum today and I got a little curious. What is it about the Saturn that makes you guys love them so much? I love that for a 21 year old car mine still runs down the highway as smooth as any other newer car I have been in. I just like to hear what you guys have to say too!

pierrot 01-26-2021 11:54 PM

Re: Why do you LOVE your Saturn?
[FONT="Palatino Linotype"][SIZE="3"] I love my Saturn?

I've not yet owned a car that I loved. I've owned only three. My LS1 has been with me for 19+ years. What I really like about the car is its overall reliability. The car still has the factory installed alternator and starter on it. The engine and transmission have never been opened up for internal repairs. I replaced the timing and balance shaft components after 312K (2019) miles had past. The A/C failed last Summer (2020) and I've put that repair on hold for the time being, but the system went strong for 20 years until then. The system had been recharged only once and that was due to a hose coming loos from the compressor.

I am, of necessity, a DIYer and the car is not too difficult to work on especially because it has a four cylinder engine. I'm not particularly hard on my car and I take reasonably decent care of it. Sure, it's old and some things on the interior are showing their age, but it's taken a very long time for it to occur. Plenty of other brands and/or models show their wear out a much earlier age. I expect to drive this car until it "gives up the ghost." :ghost:

Big_Mike 11-30-2021 10:51 PM

Re: Why do you LOVE your Saturn?
I love the Saturn Astra 2DR. They had just come out right before the 2008 stock market "whatever you want to call it," and I remember thinking that the 2 door hatch looked awesome. It didn't have the power of a GTO which looked like a 5/4ths scale Cobalt coupe nor the power of a Cobalt SS that looked like a Baby GTO. But the first one I drove felt sporty, shifted well and handled corners like a champ. It wasn't until this year (2021) that I found a blue one that really caught my eye enough to be added to the fleet. Mostly because I needed to scratch that manual transmission itch again, but there's just something about the way it looks. Now I either need to sell it before it becomes a project car, or look really hard in a Saab swap.:dizzy:

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