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BarkinB 12-30-2003 05:34 PM

Wiring: CD Changer harness diagram?
This is about a 1996 SL2 with the upgrade stereo, which has cassette, equalizer, and optional CD changer.

The factory 6 CD changer (trunk mounted) has always been overpriced, and I've lived with using a cassette adapter with an MP3 player instead. Having thousands of songs available is much nicer than what 6 CDs could provide. I've always been annoyed by the cassette adapter though, and want to find out if it's possible to use the CD changer audio input wires (I assume they're somewhere in the harness from the trunk to the radio) to rig up a line-in jack to connect the MP3 player (or whatever line level audio) directly to the amplifier.

I've asked places like Crutchfield and Circuit City, and they all say Saturn has a highly proprietary connection for the trunk mounted CD changer, and there is no option other than the factory unit (unless you replace the entire radio/amp).

I'm hoping that armed with a wiring diagram for that harness, I can tap into the audio signal wires that would normally come from the CD changer in the trunk with a stereo 1/8" jack I could mount somewhere unobtrusive.

Barring an actual wiring diagram, can someone at least tell me where in the trunk I can find the connector the CD changer would connect to?


ssicarman 12-31-2003 01:17 AM

If you have one I believe that it would be on the underside of the cargo shelf. Have you considered going the RF route, ties into the antenna.

BarkinB 01-01-2004 04:14 PM

I'd rather have something going directly to the amp as a line in, rather than pass it through an RF transmitter if possible. My goal is to have an 1/8" jack mounted somewhere I can just plug in to. If an RF unit can be set up that way, then it's certainly going to be considered.

robh456 01-01-2004 04:35 PM

Yes, I think the harness should be around the package shelf area of the trunk - assuming that your car, not having come with a CD changer, is equipped with the connector, which I'm not sure of.

As well as the power and audio output lines, that connector also has a serial data connection between the changer and the radio - I'm not sure if the audio lines will work without the correct data communication with the changer.

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