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How do I include photos in my posts?
While there are a couple of ways to include pictures in your forum posts, the recommended way is by using the "My Pics" feature. It is a two step process, but following these simple steps will ensure that your photos will be displayed correctly within your forum posts for years to come.

To start, upload pictures the images you want to display directly into your personal Photo Gallery. You can create your own personal photo gallery by uploading photos into that database. The system will automatically create your gallery when your first photo is uploaded. In almost all cases (unless the photos are extremely large), the photo system will automatically resize your photos for you and create a thumbnail for indexing purposes. You can upload multiple photos at once as a ZIP file (make sure the file isn't too large). Remember to please choose the most appropriate category to upload their photos to, as this will maximize the number of views your pictures will receive. A copy of your picture is always kept in your member gallery, regardless of what category you select.

Once you have uploaded photos into your personal gallery, you can embed any of your photos anywhere in your forum posts by using the "My Pics" feature. The result will look like this:

You will find the "My Pics" link near the bottom right corner of the text box when you are posting a message. Clicking on the link will open a new window where you'll see clickable thumbnail images of all the photos that you have uploaded in the Photos section. You can include as many photos as you want in your posts.

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