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President Obama to Set a New Course for GM, Formal Announcement Set for Monday at 11:55am

Justin Hyde from the Detroit Free Press: President Barack Obama will announce on Monday the bankruptcy of General Motors Corp., launching a complicated, $59-billion effort to prevent the century-old juggernaut of American manufacturing from collapse. Backed by its unions, large bondholders, and the governments of the United States, Canada and Ontario, GM will file in New York a painful plan to cleave itself into a lean, government-owned automaker pared down to compete in a sputtering U.S. market. As part of the bankruptcy, GM will spell out 14 plant closings expected to affect 21,000 jobs, and additional cuts among salaried workers.

What Happens to My Warranty if GM Files for Bankruptcy?

Chris Woodyard from USA Today: General Motors' potential bankruptcy filing is sure to prompt questions for the millions of consumers who own GM vehicles or for folks who are thinking about buying a new GM car or truck.

After Many Stumbles... the Fall of an American Giant

Micheline Maynard from the New York Times: It is a company that helped lift hundreds of thousands of American workers into the middle class. It transformed Detroit into the Silicon Valley of its day, a symbol of America's talent for innovation. It built celebrated cars, like Cadillacs, that became synonymous with luxury. And now it is filing for bankruptcy, something that would have been unfathomable even a few years ago, much less decades ago, when it was a dominant force in the American economy.

Syracuse Saturn Retailer Ready to Leave Shrinking General Motors Galaxy

Rick Moriarty from the Post-Standard: When he bought the two Saturn dealerships in Onondaga County in 2006, Emmanuel Boykin planned to move both into a brand-new facility, built with green technology, in the Syracuse area. Then, six months ago, General Motors dropped a bomb of sorts on Boykin's plans.

Affordable Saturn Subcompact Deserves a Better Fate

Brian Harper from the Canwest News Service: Saturn is on borrowed time as a General Motors brand, jettisoned along with Pontiac, Hummer and Saab by the automotive giant. This is a crying shame because Saturn's lineup, after a couple of decades of corporate indifference, comprises an eclectic mix of interesting and entertaining vehicles.

General Motors May Announce Plans for Saturn on Monday, Retailers on Standby

2005 Vue Red Line at Saturn/West in Columbus, Ohio

Dan Gearino from the Columbus Dispatch: Saturn, launched in 1990 to compete with the affordable small cars of Toyota and Honda, soon will be sold or spun off. GM might announce its decision Monday, when it will submit the latest version of its restructuring plan, and probably will disclose plans for Saab and Hummer as well as Saturn.

Saturn Still Revolving in Kamloops

Marty Hastings from Kamloops This Week: The Saturn division of General Motors will likely be sold, but employees at the Kamloops dealership shouldn't be too worried about losing their jobs, according to Kamloops Saturn owner Terry Lowe. "Our intent and General Motors' intent is that we are going to be sold or spun off and our future is looking pretty good under new ownership," Lowe told KTW.

Automotive News Adds Credibility to Penske-Renault Samsung Report

Samsung QM5 Sport-Utility

From Automotive News: Roger Penske, chairman of Penske Automotive Group, met in Paris the week of May 11th with Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn to discuss a deal, say sources familiar with the talks. Renault Samsung would supply several vehicles for distribution by Saturn. Samsung builds four passenger vehicles, all on Nissan underpinnings.

What Would Penske Do if He Bought Saturn?

Samsung SM3

Michael Sheena from the Examiner: Okay, so Penske is interested in Saturn. What would he do with it? Word on the street is that he'd sell Samsung cars and crossovers. It's not as outlandish as you might think. Samsung is largely owned by Renault-Nissan and uses corporate underpinnings for its vehicles.

Report: Mitsubishi Interested in Supplying Vehicles to Saturn Retail Network

Robert Snell from the The Detroit News: Japanese automaker Mitsubishi Motors is in talks to supply vehicles to Saturn dealers if the brand and dealer network is sold this year, according to sources familiar with negotiations. A deal would give Mitsubishi a stronger presence and help it boost production in the U.S. by tapping into a network of about 380 Saturn dealerships, which need new vehicles once Saturn stops production.

Random Article from the SaturnFans.com Archives

Flashback Friday: Inside the Former Saturn Spring Hill Manufacturing and Assembly Complex

Flashback Friday: Inside the Former Saturn Spring Hill Manufacturing and Assembly Complex

Saturn's former manufacturing facility in Spring Hill, Tennessee was as revolutionary as the brand's innovative cars and industry-leading retail sales and service experience. This state-of-the-art plant was located approximately 30 miles south of Nashville on Highway 31.