Workers at the Spring Hill plant Face a Tough Decision

Spring Hill Barn

Employees at the Spring Hill plant, former home to Saturn, face a tough decision in the coming month. By July 24th, they must decide whether or not to accept a buyout package that is being offered by GM. The Spring Hill plant currently manufactures the Chevrolet Traverse; however, production of the vehicles will stop in November. On the day GM filed for bankruptcy, they also announced that production of the Traverse would be moving to Lansing, Michigan. It is unclear what will happen to the Spring Hill plant after November. Workers are hoping that Spring Hill will be chosen to manufacture a new small car but two other plants are also competing for the vehicle. Plus, there is no indication that GM will make their decision before July 24th, leaving the workers confused and angry. Bonna Johnson from The Tennessean interviewed a number of these employees.

Update: Some Good News for Spring Hill Workers: Bloomberg is reporting that General Motors will decide which factory will be chosen to produce their new small car by the end of June. According to GM spokesperson Sherrie Childers, "site-selection criteria include the cost of investment in the plant, the logistics of transporting parts and vehicles, economic incentives and the local labor agreement."

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