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I was very happy when I logged in to Twitter over weekend to see that there are now more than 125 "followers" reading tweets from! Thanks to everyone who has joined – I am honored that there are so many folks using Twitter to keep up with the site. Admittedly, I'm still experimenting with the service to figure out the best way to share information with Saturn fans. Twitter has been a fun tool that helps me communicate with you all, as well as other automotive websites and news sources.

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Flashback Friday: How Saturn Built a Brand

Saturn Logo

Saturn launched its lineup of compact sedans and coupes in the fall of 1990 as an relatively unknown and untested manufacturer of "a different kind of car." The Saturn team did the impossible by implementing a set of strategies that included building quality vehicles and crafting an intriguing message that attracted car buyers who had written off domestic cars long ago. That was no small feat. In his book, "Building Strong Brands," author David Aaker set out to "not only to describe what was done but also to suggest the logic behind the strategies: why they were pursued, and how they were intended to contribute to the brand." He concluded that "although certainly some elements of the Saturn strategy may have been critical, it was the synergy of the total program rather than the power of any single element - that led to its success."