Preview the New Website


What you see in front of you is a preview of the redesigned, third-generation Saturn Enthusiasts' Site. A number of the changes are a direct result of comments and feedback submitted by members and visitors like you. Over the next few weeks the rest of the site will be updated with similar improvements.

Here's a brief look at what's new:

  • Single Sign-on. The new site's front-end is synchronized with the forum database, allowing for not only tight integration, but for the deployment of a host of new features. Forum members will be able to login on the main home page and interact with the site in ways never before possible.
  • Question of the Week. One of the benefits of this integration is the return of a weekly site poll. New questions will be posted each week and displayed in both the forum and throughout the main sections of the site.
  • Comments and Feedback. News stories posted on the main page will be automatically added to the appropriate section of the forum. Members will be able to post comments that will not only be displayed within the thread, but along with the story as well.
  • Tagging. The old site had a very inflexible directory structure that sometimes made it hard to find articles. Now stories will be able to be tagged with multiple subject topics that will be automatically be linked together in a flexible manner.
  • Popular Topics. The site will keep track of which stories are most popular, and accordingly, will publish which topics are most popular on the site.
  • RSS Feed. Keep track of site updates via the RSS feed. New channels will be added over the next few weeks enabling you to keep tabs on as much - or as little - of what's happening in the world of Saturn.
  • Old Content, New Site. I'm in the process of migrating nearly 1000 articles from the old site. Its been slow going, but all of the articles should be available here soon. If there's something you're looking for, the old site is still online.

There were a number of goals for this new site, namely improved usability and database synchronization across multiple applications. It had also become difficult for me to keep the old site updated on a regular basis, and this new architecture will automate a lot of processes that previously kept me very busy and away from one of the things that I enjoy most: documenting the evolution of Saturn. v3.0 has been in development for over a year, and I'm happy to say that it will be the foundation for many new things to come. I'm excited about what's in store for the future, and I hope you are too! There will be more announcements like this in the near future. For now, please take some time to explore the site and let me know what you think.

Thank you and enjoy!

Random Article from the Archives

Supercharged Saturn Curve Has Refined Flair

Shape, color and sound affect the senses. With the Saturn Curve concept, a sinewy shape, warm colors and the aural delights of a supercharged engine warm the emotions of those who appreciate sophisticated and engaging automobiles. The Curve signifies Saturn's evolution, both in styling and product. Saturn is growing its portfolio, planning new vehicles and exploring dynamic, refined designs.