Saturn Owners: Remember to Smile and Wave

Permit me to steal a line from the famous penguins of the movie Madagascar for a moment. I will already take to heart that some may understand what I am about to say, some may not, and some may totally misconstrue it. This is for those who do get it and did get it all along.

Only if you live in a cave, deprived of all media, and isolated from others would one possibly not have heard what has happened to Saturn.

This is not about that.

Those who remember a time of small, efficient plastic cars that came along with caring sales staff and service consultants will remember a little thing we all used to do when we Saturn owners drove past each other. I don't know who started it, or why. But it was like an unspoken friendly "Hello" that you would give to your good neighbor, a acknowledgment of passing on the good will that started with the purchase of that small dent-proof car. Like we were all members of a VIP club or something.

That thing was called the "Saturn Wave." That tiniest of gesture we used to do just seemed to spread everywhere you passed it on. Like passing on a good feeling inspired others to pass on the same.

I have met many people since my first Saturn in 1993. We now have had 14 Saturns total since. From the first local car show I attended to the online car clubs where I have made many new friends and all the great people I came to know who worked at Saturn, the passion all came down to one thing: our Cars - how our Saturn Cars make us feel.

I still wave to other Saturn owners on the street and many, especially the older model owners still wave back and smile. Back then it was because we knew we were part of something special, something only a Saturn owner could embrace.

I still wave to Saturn owners today, because we know we are still part of something special, despite what is happening today. Many of us with 100-, 200-, 300-thousand or more miles know what I am talking about.

I still will wave at other Saturn owners today, because beyond our cars, it was also about the people. The people who made Saturn a great car to own, who made it easy for us to own our cars and who worked hard behind the scenes to make it so for us. But most of all, the end result is we love our Saturns, we acknowledge each other for whatever reasons, and that is what makes us Saturn owners special.

That is why I'll still do the Saturn Wave. I encourage you to pass it on too.

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