Road Tests

The 2008 Saturn Vue Greenline

Tom Strongman from drove the 2008 Vue Green Line hybrid and concluded that "while the Vue Green Line isn't as fuel-efficient as other hybrids, its hybrid system is simpler, which means lower cost, and it drives as smoothly as the regular gasoline model."

Saturn's Astra Hatchback Out of this World

Mark Savage from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel recently drove a 5-door Saturn Astra XE with a 5-speed manual transmission. "Even revving this up a bit from time to time in my test drive," wrote Savage, "I managed 31.9 mpg in about a 50/50 split of city and highway driving."

Nimble Astra Adds to Saturn's European Flair

2008 Saturn Astra XR 5-Door

Bob Kehoe from The Oregonian newspaper enjoyed driving the 2008 Saturn Astra during his test drive. "Using the 5-speed gearbox," he wrote, "the test car was surprisingly energetic in midrange acceleration and passing situations. Gear changes come smoothly, though the shift linkage could have a more positive feel."

Green Line: A Vue to a Thrill at the Pump

Larry Printz recently drove the 2008 Saturn Vue Green Line and asked: "How much of a premium are you willing to pay to conserve fuel?" See what he had to say.

2008 Saturn XR 5-door Hatchback

2008 Saturn Astra XR 5-Door Headlamp

CarDomain reviewed the new Astra and talked about how the Saturn and Opel brands are teaming together to develop and share new models. One of the fruits of this collaboration, writes the website, "is a C-segment car that has far more in common with a Volkswagen Rabbit than a Chevy Cobalt. It's a handsome design that bristles with German sensibilities."

Saturn's Vue is a Delight

2008 Saturn Vue XR

The Virginia Pilot came away really impressed with the new Saturn Vue after driving it. The paper wrote that, "vehicles that are rewarding to drive, such as the Sky roadster, Aura sedan, and Outlook crossover SUV, have transformed the brand over the past year-and-a-half. And surprisingly, the 2008 Vue trumps them all."

First Drive: Saturn Aura and HCCI

Benjamin Jones from EcoGeek recently had an opportunity to drive a Saturn Aura prototype equipped with a GM 2.4L Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) powerplant. Read his thoughts about how the new fuel-efficient technology works from a driver's perspective.

Video: 2008 Astra Quick Drive's Mike Hanley walks you through the 2008 Saturn Astra 3-door XR. Overall, he said the Astra has "a very sleek look that gives the Volvo C30 – another intriguingly designed hatchback – a run for its money."

Video: MyRide Drives the Saturn Astra

After driving the Astra, said the new car was "so much better in every respect than the Saturn model it replaces that we've forgotten the earlier compact's name."

Saturn Astra XR 5-Door Reviewed

Astra Instrument Panel

The Texas Tribune recently drove an '08 Saturn Astra 5-Door XR and especially liked its styling and high-grade materials. "I think the car looks great," wrote reviewer Wilson Calvert. "I love the pseudo-projector housing headlights, and the body lines are great, especially on the coupe. The leather was of surprisingly good quality, and I would recommend the premium interior package."

Random Article from the Archives

Outlook Named "Family Car of the Year"

Outlook Named "Family Car of the Year"

The 2009 Saturn Outlook was recently named "Family Car of the Year" by Hispanic magazine, FAMA. According to Saturn spokesman Mike Morrissey, "the annual FAMA automotive awards, based on input from visitors to the magazine's website, is presented to one vehicle in each of seven categories."