Video: Pittsburgh Saturn Customers, Dealer Speak Out on Company Future

Vince Sims from Pittsburgh's Channel 11: In the waiting room a Saturn dealership in Monroeville, Kirsti Adkins waited for her car to be inspected. But she also wanted some answers about what's Saturn's future. "I heard they might discontinue the line," Adkins said. Having owned her third Saturn and being and satisfied with the company, she doesn't want to see it go away.

Saturn Retailers to Evolve, Survive

Alex Gary from George Schaffner, general manager of Saturn of Rockford, can't wait to launch an ad campaign around the slogan "a different kind of car company — again." Saturn was launched in 1985 by General Motors as a separate company — separate business model, separate manufacturing and a separate dealer network — to take on the German and Japanese small cars that we

Saturn Dealers Seek Replacement for GM

From Reuters by way of General Motors and its Saturn dealers are moving toward a deal to spin off the brand's distribution network and open it to products from other automakers after 2011, according to a GM memo. GM said it expected to phase out Saturn in its viability plan submitted to the government on Tuesday, and later that day GM executives said all options were on the table.

Retailers Will Likely See a Consolidated List of Options for Saturn this Week

Jamie LaReau from Automotive News: Late this week, Saturn dealers likely will get a narrowed-down list of options for the troubled General Motors brand. Last week, GM marketing chief Mark LaNeve said those options include "everything from a new dualing pattern to a spinoff to a partnership to an outright sale." In a two-day meeting late last week, GM and members of the Saturn Franchise Operations Team narrowed the options.

Retailer: General Motors is Killing Saturn After We Helped Save Them

Edward Lapham from Automotive News: Bob Maguire has always seemed sensible and reasonable. The former chairman of NADA is a family man, a proud patriot and has been a loyal second-generation General Motors dealer in Bordentown, NJ, for decades. So it jolted me when I got a call from Maguire telling me that he and all Saturn dealers are being betrayed by GM's leadership.

DCH Closing New Jersey Saturn Stores in Eatontown, North Brunswick

Gene Racz from DCH Auto Group is closing its Saturn of Brunswick dealership on Route 1 and Saturn of Eatontown outlet on February 14. The closures of the two DCH Saturn locations come on the heels of reports that GM is looking to possibly discontinue some of its brands - among them Saturn.

Some Retailers Want an End to Saturn Mandate for Stand-Alone Stores

Robert Snell from the Detroit News: Stuart Lasser, who owns a Saturn dealership 34 miles west of New York City, sued GM on November 20 after the automaker rejected an attempt to subdivide his showroom and sell vehicles made by GM and South Korea's Kia Motors, according to federal court records. "All I'm trying to do is survive here," Lasser said in an interview with The Detroit News.

Future of Saturn Stores Subject to "Alternative" Business Model

From the Wausau Daily Herald: With General Motors reassessing its brands in preparation for its next appearance before the U.S. Congress, Saturn of Wausau's future is uncertain. John Bergstrom, chief executive officer of Bergstrom Automotive, said Friday his Saturn dealerships in Wausau and across the state are part of a still-developing "alternative" business model, making it too early to say whether they will close or remain open.

Saturn Retailers May Buy the Brand from GM

Bradford Wernle and Jamie LaReau from Automotive News: As part of its restructuring proposal, GM has told Congress it will consider all options for Saturn. That leaves Saturn's future uncertain and dealers considering all options, including buying the brand.

Report: Dealers May Have the Upper Hand as Automakers Look to Consolidate

Bob Cox from the Star Telegram: To hear auto industry analysts tell it, one thing General Motors must do in order to survive is eliminate Conrad Holt's business and many others like it. Holt owns Saturn of DFW, the three Tarrant County dealerships that sell GM's relatively small, unprofitable Saturn brand, which many analysts say should probably just go away. Not Holt. He wants to see the Saturn brand and his business survive.

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Magazine Calls Astra 'Best Economy Car'

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