Saturn Listening to Students’ Strategy for the Brand’s Future

Saturn Outlook and Solar-Powered Mobile Events Trailer

Anna Rzewnicki from NC State College: Undergraduate management students in the NC State College of Management's Policy and Strategy class taught by Ed Weems, lecturer, have been studying the Saturn brand case during this summer's first five-week session. The 24 students, working in teams of six, have developed a set of strategies that they will be presenting to the company's leadership team, via a video copy of their presentations. Among those listening to their presentations, to be held June 18 and 19 in the Ericsson Classroom of Nelson Hall, will be Bill Shotwell, owner of Saturn dealerships in North Carolina.

Penske and Saturn Aim to Create a New Car Universe

John Ketzenberger from Roger Penske may drive the auto industry back to the future in a Saturn if his deal for the General Motors subsidiary goes through. If Penske's gambit succeeds, the companies that control product distribution will supplant the actual manufacturers for primacy in the auto industry. The changes will take place over several years, but it could mean a wider variety of cars that get to market much faster.

Detroit Free Press: Your Advice for Roger Penske

Mark Phelan from the Detroit Free Press: I asked last week for advice about what business magnate Roger Penske should do now that he's bought Saturn, and boy, did you come through. From reinstating the Saturn Homecoming owner's convention in Tennessee to where the cars should be built, what they should look like and what fuel they should use, Saturn owners proved again that their passion is the brand's greatest asset.

Will Saturn-Penske Become the New Template for Auto Retailing?

From DealersEdge: In most retailing industries, the people who are closest to the customers, the retailers, tell their various manufacturers what customers want and the manufacturers provide it. Not so in auto retailing, where the manufacturers decide what to produce and then expect the retailers to sell it. That model is about to change with the news that Penske Automotive Group has agreed to take over the Saturn brand from General Motors.

Flint-Area Saturn Retailer Puts Focus on Penske, Says "Things are Progressing Really, Really Well"

Ron Fonger from the Flint Journal: Roger Penske is in the driver's seat of a new group seeking to buy Saturn, but will there be a place onboard for Flint-area mega dealer Joseph Serra? Serra has been one of two large car dealers to be working with Penske in recent weeks as the deal heats up to buy Saturn from GM.

Could Magna’s Unique Business Model Lure Penske into Bringing the Astra Back to Life?

2009 Saturn Astra

Magna and its partner Russian bank Sberbank Rossii will own the majority of Opel once the deal is complete in the next few months. Despite having a concrete deal in place, Magna executives have already released information on a business strategy they hope to pursue. It is unique to the auto industry and could give Penske the opportunity to continue producing an Astra-like vehicle for Saturn.

Report: Penske Expected to Return Saturn to its Innovative Roots

Ned Hunter from Mike Rowand, facility manager at Saturn of Jackson, said if anyone can save the Saturn automobile brand, it's Roger Penske. Still, Penske faces an uphill battle to save Saturn. General Motors will continue to build Saturn's Aura, Outlook and the Vue for Penske until 2011 and perhaps longer under the terms of the proposed deal, Rowand said.

GM Suspends 2010 "Mild" Hybrid Production

2009 Saturn Hybrids

Colin Bird from According to GM spokesman Brian Corbett, the suspension of the Malibu Hybrid is temporary and has no implications for future hybrid products from Chevrolet. The Saturn Aura Hybrid and Vue Hybrid, which use the same "mild" hybrid technology as the Malibu Hybrid, may also cease production.

Saturn-Penske Deal Exites Employees

Ned Hunter If the deal between Penske and General Motors closes, Penske's group would obtain the rights to Saturn's brand name and acquire certain assets as well, according to the company's website. "General Motors would continue to provide Saturn Aura, Vue and Outlook vehicles, on a contract basis, for an interim period," the Web site states.

Got Advice for Roger Penske?

Question Mark

Mark Phelan from the Detroit Free Press: What should Roger Penske do with Saturn? When the business legend and motor sports icon bought the brand from General Motors, he promised to keep Saturn's 350 dealers supplied with vehicles after GM stops building Saturns in 2011. "Saturn has an outstanding dealer network and a passionate, loyal customer base," Penske said in a statement provided to the Free Press. "We look forward to serving these customers and dealers as we work to redevelop the Saturn brand." How will he do that? What kind of vehicles will Saturn sell? Where will they come from?

Random Article from the Archives

Next Generation GTO May Be a Quad Coupe


AutoWeek magazine reports that Pontiac will take a page from Saturn with its next generation GTO, and offer the sports car with four doors. The rear doors will reportedly work exactly as they do on today's Ion quad coupe: they will be hinged in the rear with no "visible handles." The new GTO is expected to go into production in 2008.