Washington Post: Dumping Saturn, Opel Was "Dumb"

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Jamie Lincoln Kitman from the Washington Post: There's a reason why finding buyers for the carmaker's German Opel division and domestic Saturn brand has been easy: They're the most promising divisions GM owns. Getting rid of them was dumb and pretty much seals the company's fate. It's no wonder that sophisticated investors have stepped up: racing legend and Smart car distributor Roger Penske in the case of Saturn and billionaire Canadian auto parts magnate Frank Stronach planning to buy Opel.

Saturn Retailer Feels Abandonded by General Motors

Blackwell Thomas from Like on its celestial namesake, there soon won't be much life at the Saturn of Carbondale car dealership as the company prepares to shut down later this month. At its peak, the auto dealer would have about 150 vehicles for sale on its lot. On Wednesday there were three.

Save Saturn in Canada?

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On Tuesday, letters were sent to Saturn retailers asking them to join the Penske Automotive Group; however, those invitations were only sent to the 350 retailers located in the United States. The 51 Canadian-based retailers were not included. Penske mentioned to a reporter from the Toronto Star that his first priority as the new owner of Saturn is to review the viability of the Canadian retail network. This uncertainty has already caused one dealership, located in Windsor, Ontario, to close shop.

The Grand Saturn Experiment Continues to Evolve

Jeff Bodary from the Examiner: Previously I discussed the idea of a business model that separates manufacturing from retailing and distribution. It puts all marketing responsibilities in the hands of the distribution channel and essentially sub-contracts vehicle manufacturing out to one or more automakers.

Saturn Deal Could be "Smartest Automotive Move of the Decade"

Tony Borroz from Autopia: The terms of the deal, which is yet to be finalized, would give Penske the rights to the brand and certain other Saturn assets. GM will continue building the Aura, Vue and Outlook models on a contract basis for two years. After that, Penske is expected to give the deal to someone else.

Invitation Extended to Dealers

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Today Saturn's 350 dealerships will receive a letter from corporate headquarters extending them an invitation to join the Penske Automotive Group. The letter will not contain a franchise agreement or any other legally binding contract. According to Saturn spokesman Steve Janisse "It's just an informational piece talking about the terms of the sale and offering them an opportunity to transition to this new owner." Janisse also told Automotive News that dealerships that decline the invitation will be transitioned into "termination mode."

Penske Envisions Saturn as a Global Motors, Says Electric Models May be "First Vehicles Produced in the U.S." Under Agreement

Michelle Krebs from Edmunds Auto Observer: In light of the U.S. government's emphasis on available funding for alternative-powered vehicles, Penske said "electric vehicles will be right at the forefront" and "might be the first vehicles produced in the U.S." under this new Saturn arrangement with foreign partners. A former racecar driver and still a race-team owner, Penske said performance, which Saturn tried to highlight with its Red Line models, will take a backseat for now.

Saturn Likely to Return its to Its Roots as a Lower-End, Competitive-Priced Car Company

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David Goldman and Peter Valdes-Dapena from GM has said it will stop producing Saturn vehicles by 2011. GM would continue production of only the three highest-selling models: the Aura sedan, and the Vue and Outlook cross-over SUVs, for the next two years. The Saturn Sky and Astra models will be discontinued.

Roger Penske: Next Step is to Build a Saturn Team

Seth Livingstone from USA Today quotes Mr. Penske as saying: The next step is to close the transaction, which we hope to do at the end of the third quarter. We'll be dealing with GM on future product. Then we have the opportunity to source product from around the world as we go into future years. First, we're putting an organization together and closing the transaction. The great news is that we have 350 dealerships that will be alive and well and will not have to be shut down. I think that's a real by-product of this. For me personally, I know many of these dealers myself and they're some of the very best.

USA Today: Penske-Saturn Deal Could Change How Cars are Sold

James R. Healey from USA Today: Roger Penske's pending purchase of the Saturn brand from General Motors could be the beginning of the biggest change in how cars are sold since the dawn of the auto industry early last century.

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