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To Boost Sales, Saturn Rethinks Itself – Again New Link

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From It wasn't an easy conclusion to reach for Eric Hirshberg, the chief creative officer of ad agency Deutsch, Los Angeles, who has been the guardian of Saturn advertising for the past 15 months. But he realized last fall that the sometimes schmaltzy small-town, almost Hallmark card personality that launched Saturn in the late 1980s finally had to go the way of Bob Dole's White House aspirations. "We researched the heck out of this, and we found that it's a dog that just doesn...
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'08 Saturn Vue is All-New and Vastly Improved New Link

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Our first impression inside the 2008 Saturn Vue was extremely positive. Where the outgoing vehicle had cheesy imitation wood and plastic, the new European look is clean, modern and classy in terms of design, appearance, materials and function. There's a good balance of brightwork to panels from the left door across the instrument panel and dashboard to the right door, and the heating/air conditioning vents are big, round and nicely done. The driver's bucket seat is comfy, containing but not rest...

2008 Saturn Vue Green Line Gets Top SUV MPG New Link

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The 2008 Saturn Vue Green Line The hybrid SUV has a fuel economy rating of 25 mpg in the city and 32 mpg on the highway, which represents a 27 percent improvement over the non-hybrid Vue. And the small SUV starts at $24,795. Those figures mean it's the highest-mileage SUV on the market — and the cheapest hybrid SUV.

2008 Saturn Vue May Speak with Slight German Accent, but it Assimilates Effortlessly in U.S. New Link

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On the road, this new Vue shows its European antecedents with a firmer ride, at least in our XR, but handling is notably improved. Add the pep of 257 hp, along with that engine's standard slick-shifting six-speed automatic, and this Vue is a great drive. On the safety front, every Vue now gets front side and front/rear side-curtain air bags, electronic stability control, a Rollover Sensing System, ABS and traction control. Of course, all that stuff costs money. The base price of the 2008 Vue, at...

2008 Saturn Vue XR All-Wheel Drive is Stylish, Sporty and Practical New Link

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The Vue has a slippery streamlined look, with a low hood and small grille. Body-colored door handles, mirrors and bumpers provide a continuous flow to the panels but your eye is instantly attracted to the thin chromed side grille decoration at the trailing edge of the front fender. This trim isn't functional, but I found it interesting how such a small part adds instant character to the vehicle. There are many new vehicles sporting decorative grilles on the front fenders, but none are as attract...

Germans Land on Saturn and Things Shape Up New Link

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The Vue offers three engines, two automatic transmissions and multiple trim levels, including a mild hybrid called the Green Line and a sporty Red Line. The 2009 Vue, out next summer, will offer GM's more robust two-mode hybrid system, promising a 45 percent improvement in fuel economy. Further in the future, GM plans to configure the Vue as a plug-in hybrid. The basic front-drive XE version employs a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder with 169 horsepower and a four-speed automatic. The XE with all-wheel driv...

GM Puts an Excellent Euro into Saturn's Stable New Link

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More impressive than interior space are the design and the materials used. Aside from the center stack and the cheap-looking gauge faces, the Vue's insides are identical to the Antara's. Marked improvements include tightly grained low-gloss plastics and metallic and chrome trim; these clearly put the Vue ahead of the competition. Our test vehicle's optional leather interior wouldn't look out of place in a Saab, and come to think of it, the tilt steering wheel may be from Saab's shelves. We wish ...

Luxury, Power Now Come in Green, but Luck Needed to Find New Hybrids New Link

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Stephen Johnson, sales manager at Saturn of Jackson, said his dealership on Friday received its first 2008 Vue Green Line, a hybrid SUV. A customer came in Saturday morning, bought the vehicle and left him wishing he could get more. "It wasn't even on the lot 24 hours. The demand is real high on them. I've got a list of customers waiting on those trucks. I'll take every one I can get," Johnson said. His employees don't have to steer customers toward hybrids. "They know more about them than we do...

Revised Saturn Vue Takes its German Roots Seriously New Link

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The optional leather seats looked and felt exceptional. Interior noise was minimal, giving a premium ambience. Some road surfaces sent up a distant roar from the tires, but if you look hard enough, you can find roads that cause that, even on luxury models. No demerits there. GM's unusually long 100,000-mile powertrain warranty and free trial subscriptions to XM radio and the OnStar communications system all are nice frosting.