Outside of Work, Saturn's Leader Enjoys Family, High-Adventure Trips, and Cooking

Automotive News recently talked to Saturn general manager Jill Lajdziak as part of the publication's recurring "person to person" interview series. Topics not only included her career at General Motors, but also her life outside of her office at GM's Renaissance Center in downtown Detroit.

As folks who have met her will tell you, Jill's dedication to and excitement for the Saturn brand is genuine and infectious. Whenever she talks about Saturn's values, it's mission, history, and new products, you can't help but feel her enthusiasm. "I don't think you're in this business if you're not passionate about the product," she told the magazine in this week's issue. Without a doubt, no one knows Saturn better than Jill, and no one is better equipped to lead and grow the brand the Saturn way.

In the interview she describes herself as being "very sincere, pretty intense. Most people would say in the workplace I am tough but fair."

But what about outside of work?

  • "I cherish friends and I certainly cherish my family," she told Automotive News. Jill is married with two sons, ages 15 and 17.
  • When asked about her culinary skills, she says she's a good cook. "I make a terrific pork tenderloin and a terrific duck. I do a lot of traveling and I am constantly on the road, so I really enjoy hosting people at my home."
  • Her favorite vacations are "high-adventure trips. Living in a jungle for a week. We've done dude ranches that are not the spa kind. You got up at 5:30 in the morning and went out with the wranglers to bring in the herd. That's what we enjoy the most. I just can't sit."
  • She said a recent fun activity was "sailing on a little 14-foot sailboat with my son this summer. We had a blast. We just sailed and spent time talking."
  • When it comes to music, Jill says she's a Bon Jovi fan. "My kids program my iPod. They know what I like: soft rock and a little bit of jazz."

Source: Automotive News

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