Next-Generation Buick Regal

Next-Generation Buick Regal

The Chinese version of the Buick Regal (pictured above) is expected to be built and sold in North America. This vehicle is based on the award-winning Opel Insignia and was originally going to be sold here as the Saturn Aura. Click here for more photos.

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NJ Retailer Temporarily Allowed to Sell Saturns Alongside Another Brand

Saturn of Denville, New Jersey

Last September, Stuart Lasser, owner of the Saturn of Danville in New Jersey, submitted an application to Saturn asking for permission to sell Kias in his 15,000-foot-square lot. The troubled economy coupled with GM’s financial woes has caused sales at the dealership to plummet. By adding Kia to his product lineup, Lasser hoped to compensate for the lack of revenue.