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2001 L-Series 3.0L Sedan
Thumbs Up Re: 2001 Saturn L300 - v6 3.0 Liter - DNJ Engine Overhaul Kit - Anyone?

Originally Posted by Rj 2000 LS2 View Post
Your spark plug seats were wells of oil when you replaced the plugs. The oil can and does rain down over the bank 1 exhaust manifold from the valve covers, all over the alternator, Oil Pressure Switch and every thing from there to the ground. Take a mirror and look between the firewall and Bank 1, viewing the bank 1 valve cover and below. I had so much oil baked onto the exhaust manifold, I thought it had cracks in it. There were no cracks, it was hardened baked on oil "rivers" that looked like cracks. After I cleaned the exhaust manifold, I found no cracks. The oil will burn off the exhaust manifolds on both banks Bank 1 and Bank 2 exhaust manifolds) and you won't likely see any oil on the ground. They leak slowly, not like a drain plug. A video you made long ago a when you thought you burned up your engine and it was smoking like massive group of 6 cigar smokers under the hood... that was from burning oil on your exhaust manifolds... hence, I and others recommended changing the valve cover gaskets. I told you then if you don't change them... you will continue to see oil leaks and you have. So change the valve cover gaskets and stop searching for a mystery oil leak. Gravity works and oil follows these gravity.

Thank you for letting me know regarding the Valve Cover Gaskets; I didn't realize they really could leak that much into those areas.

Regarding the cigar smokers under the hood (that was *NOT*, and I repeat, NOT oil). That was my mistake and it was a 4 AWG plastic protector sitting on top of the CAT that was melting while running. (Not anything related to oil) - 100% positive.

I had to clean it up and remove all the wiring. I know for certain!

I will highly consider the Valve Cover Gaskets as a next step if I don't break my engine with the timing belt replacement.

Have a good morning!

Best Regards,

~ Brandon
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Rj 2000 LS2
Rj 2000 LS2 is a jewel in the roughRj 2000 LS2 is a jewel in the roughRj 2000 LS2 is a jewel in the roughRj 2000 LS2 is a jewel in the rough
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2000 L-Series 3.0L Sedan
Default Re: 2001 Saturn L300 - v6 3.0 Liter - DNJ Engine Overhaul Kit - Anyone?

The smoke roaring up off the engine in that video was NOT from the cat location. It was from the exhaust manifolds on both banks. But, I can fully understand your battery mod was burning on the cat as you described.
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Rj 2000 LS2
Rj 2000 LS2 is a jewel in the roughRj 2000 LS2 is a jewel in the roughRj 2000 LS2 is a jewel in the roughRj 2000 LS2 is a jewel in the rough
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Location: NE Wisconsin
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2000 L-Series 3.0L Sedan
Default Re: 2001 Saturn L300 - v6 3.0 Liter - DNJ Engine Overhaul Kit - Anyone?

In February, on your first ever post, you know the one that would not die, in and around post #93 you posted photos that showed massive evidence of a leaking valve cover on Bank 2. The plug wells were filled with oil in your photos. You were using paper towel to soak up the oil. If the valve cover is leaking on the inside, it is leaking everywhere including on the exhaust manifolds and everything below. Everyone told you that and you have not replaced the valve cover gaskets and you later insisted the oil is not leaking, but you continue to ask where is the oil coming from to this day? WTF?

You continue to scream, "The sky is falling" about every part on your engine, brakes, battery, alternator, timing belt, serpentine belt, fan motors, broken motor mounts, valve covers, cam seals, oil pressure switch, engine rebuild, etc.... I have suspected for a long time you are a troll trying to pollute this forum. What is your agenda? You have never conducted any specific repair everyone has told you to do since February of this year. Why? Why do you toss our advice and race into a new area of repair which is totally off base?

I hope to use this forum for meaningful repair information in the future, but with all your clutter you have posted in this forum... you have pretty much made it impossible to search for any repair without getting your input... which by the way is often complete misinformation.

Buddy, I am not trying to castrate you but really WTF are you doing here on this forum? If I were a newbie to this forum performing a search to repair something and got caught up in your mind-numbing threads... I would slit my throat! Let me give you a bit of advice...

Name your posts simply and accurately, and don't use reverse negatives in the title.

Stick to one subject, take people's advice and report back on that specific subject and how the advice/repair worked. Don't "Squirrel" to unrelated subjects.

Make sure each post you make has a conclusion including the successful repair or a failure and WHY if necessary. Everything you have provided thus far has been clutter at best with no conclusion, ever.

This is not rocket science. Stick to one subject of repair with little or no "squirreling". Some wondering is okay if it is reasonable and productive but don't talk about oil leaks, jump to dirty alternator, replace alternator, broken radiator fan/fans... then, How do I rebuild the engine?

Brandon, you have polluted this forum with a bunch of junk and if the forum owner doesn't realize and/or care... then I guess I'd say good job. But, if it were me... I would have removed you from the forum in March and saved massive wasted disk space for productive and useful posts!

If you believe me to be an ass... then prove me wrong and finish a fuking repair before talking about another. Just one repair and report back. Thus far the only thing I know you did is replace the alternator after you rewired it for two batteries, washed your engine several times and changed plugs soaking up oil in wells. You say you are working to change the timing belt... how is that going? Just finish something so others who use this forum can see something of value. Is that so hard to do?
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l81 engine overhaul kit

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