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Old 06-29-2000, 12:36 AM   #1
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Default 2000 L Series Gas Tank Replacement

I emailed Saturn inquiring about replacing my tank with a larger tank. Somebody was asleep at the switch when they answered my email.

I had to email them back making it quite clear about going through the dealer and not a after market place. Check out the response. I have emailed Saturn back making my intentions clear. I have copied in my email that I sent back to Saturn after their response.


I would like to comment on the attached answer I received to my question
asking about having my 2000 LW1 gas tank removed and replaced with a larger
gas tank. I would like to clarify my question. GM is now advertising that
the L Series for 2001 will have a larger gas tank. By no means did I suggest
that I was going out to an after market place. Once the larger gas tanks are
available in the 2001 model, my question is "Can I take my 2000 LW1 into my
dealer and have the tank replaced with the proper Saturn gas tank that is

The answer I received pertained to voiding the warranty. This does not
answer my question.

I would also like to make it quite clear that Saturn FALSELY advertised the
size of the gas tanks in the Canadian brochure. The brochure stated 56
litres when it is actually 49 litres. I came extremely close to taking my
car back under the 30 day warranty. At this stage I am almost regretting my
decision to keep the car now that the 2001 models have a larger gas tank.

I believe under the circumstances Saturn should exchange my gas tank for a
larger tank free of charge. On the other hand I would not be the least
surprised if the 2001 models are designed so Saturn can turn around and say
to customers, "Sorry, we are out of luck" due to modifications on the newer
models. Saturn could find itself with a lot of disgruntled customers who may
never come back. Please remember how word of mouth spreads and the power of
the internet today.

Model 2000 L Series owners could be faced with a very quickly devalued car
once the 2001 models come out with the larger gas tanks. Already internet
forums are strongly recommending not to buy the 2000 model but to wait until
the 2001 model is available.

The old story goes, never by a new car the first year on the market. Being
our second Saturn, our other car being a 97 SL2, many buyers trusted Saturn
to bring out a good product. The major flaw is the gas tank size.

Any company that falsely advertises, regardless of what the brochure says
about errors, deserves bad advertising by their customers.

However, after saying that, I have been very happy with both our Saturns and
especially the service from the dealer. I can also say that Saturn has built
an excellent car with a lot of features, some features that are not found on
other comparable cars such as power heated mirrors. The LW1 has everything I
would want in a car without paying extra for such features found on the LW2.

The gas tank size mistake is a major error by Saturn. I really wonder how
many people realized how important it is to have a larger gas tank? I would
hope that Saturn has designed the 2000 model to take the larger tank.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you very much.

Check the response to my original email.

> Thank you for your recent e-mail regarding
> modification of your vehicle from factory
> specifications. This may affect your Saturn New
> Vehicle Limited Warranty.
> Vehicles are designed and tested to meet our
> standards for performance and quality, as well as
> all government regulations pertaining to fuel
> economy, vehicle emissions and motor vehicle safety.
> We do not recommend any deviation from the factory
> design and construction of our product, since these
> changes may adversely affect the safety and
> performance of the vehicle and terms of the
> warranty.
> Please discuss legal compliance and warranty
> coverage concerning the intended alteration directly
> with the vendor involved. No vendor has the
> authority to create or alter the Saturn's New
> Vehicle Limited Warranty as supplied with each new
> vehicle.
> Warranty claims will not be refused simply because
> an alteration was performed on the vehicle. If a
> malfunction occurs, Saturn will require that we
> complete a diagnosis to determine whether the
> alteration affected the performance and reliability
> of the vehicle or any of its components. If the
> diagnosis reveals that the failure was not the
> result of a factory defect in material or
> workmanship, it will not be covered by the Saturn
> Warranty.
> Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to clarify
> our position.

Obviously I have removed all names.
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Old 06-29-2000, 06:01 AM   #2
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The factories never tell you about changing parts from one year to another since they don't want to encourage the practice. One prime reason is that modified vehicles can become problems to dealers and subsequent owners when parts that don't belong in the particular model are encountered during repair visits. Your best source would be someone like sattech after the new parts come out or joeybagodonuts after some come into the salvage yard. Salvage operators have the best interchange data.

You may have to consider the gas guage, etc, so you'd probably want to wait until the bigger tank's been out a while before checking with an independent tech or salvage operator.

Sorry to hear the tank's such a problem to you. Hope you find a solution to it.
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Old 06-29-2000, 08:32 AM   #3
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spencerb will become famous soon enoughspencerb will become famous soon enough
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2008 Astra XR

If they had the room for a larger gas tank in the first place, why would they put a smaller one in? Chances are that they had to rearrange some of the surrounding parts to fit a larger tank. Extensive modifications may have to be done to a 2000 model to fit the larger tank.

MOST people do not care about the small tank.

"False Advertising" is malicious. I don't believe Saturn purposely printed the wrong info in the brochure. The wrong tank size in the brochure wasn't malicious false advertising, it was probably a simple error.

At least Saturn listened to people by increasing the gas tank size for 2001.
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Old 06-29-2000, 01:47 PM   #4
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I certainly mean no disrespect, but I cannot figure out how the smaller gas tank can have such a profound effect on your driving. I have a 2000 LS1, and I've been fairly pleased with the range I've gotten out of each tankful, 300-370 miles depending on city/hwy mix. If you commute daily, how big a deal can it be to stop for gas 4 times a month instead of 3? And if you take long trips, I don't know anyone whose bladder can outlast a 13 gallon tank, so you'd be stopping anyway. You're not spending any more on gas, just spending slightly less, slightly more frequently.

As a side note, I was wondering if 2000's might get marginally better mileage than 2001's because of the tiny difference in weight, esp. with a full tank of gas.

If there's any feature from the 2001's that I'd like retrofitted onto my 2000, it would probably be the rear seat center shoulder belt. I can't figure out how they'd do that though, with the split folding rear seat.

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Old 06-29-2000, 02:14 PM   #5
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just a couple comments on this post.
one a larger tank if its a saturn part should in no way void warranty, if its an upgrade due to saturn learning what the public wants why not just install the damn tank?
secondly i have been doing some serious driving, about 2000 miles a week for the past few weeks setting up my new shop on the other side of the state, a few times i took a rented ford ranger over there to keep mile off my personal vehicles, i have been outrunning the gas tank every time and its annoying, in other words i dont have to stop to empty my bladder nearly as much as i have to stop to fill the little gas whore (since the trucks underpowered and i'm pushing her to like 98 m.p.h. shes just blowing through fuel)
i'm getting the same vaque unhelpful response from volvo north america concerning a sterio problem were having.
yes, an undersize fuel tank is a major annoyance and i dont understand saturns problem with just swapping it out, obviously their listening to owners though and make the proper changes to their car line which i appluad, its their service after the sale thats just like any other dealer.
p.s. we will be expanding into the l.s. line within 60 days, i cant possibly see how changing the tank constitutes voiding the warranty so let me know if you still want one, give us some time to let the dust settle and we'll have those ls parts weve been getting so many requests for.
hey bob, maybe they'll look at your "tush" post and change the seat bottoms a little<grin>
Old 06-29-2000, 10:10 PM   #6
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I'm with Joey, I find it a major annoyance...I drive 75-100 miles per day and when you have to fill up every 3rd day or more it becomes a time problem. I just don't see the devaluation of the car because of it, yes I would like the larger tank..but should Saturn pay for it? I knew the size when I bought it.
Old 06-30-2000, 06:21 AM   #7
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I knew you'd be able to help. If the part can be simply swapped, you'll surely be able to steer our friend in the right drection and possibly sell him what he needs at a good price.

Yes, my tush issue is still a minor pain in the tush. Sattech had no TSB info yet, nor did my dealer.

Since there's a 3 year warranty, no rush to solve this. If it becomes really unsightly, I'll get up saturn's toches again.

A holiday thought:

To be safe on the fourth,
Don't drink a fifth on the third.

Happy holiday to you, Mel, and Crystal.


PS: Was that Crystal in the beach picture you sent me? If so, you better watch her when she gets a few years older. A real looker coming up!
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Old 06-30-2000, 10:04 PM   #8
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You may have known the size of your gas tank when you bought your car, but I sure did not. It was not until I bought the car and started reading the owners manual thoroughly that I discovered the mistake in the gas tank size. I was really surprised to learn of the difference in the advertised size and the real size of the tank.
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Old 06-30-2000, 11:11 PM   #9
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Silverplum...please don't take it the wrong way, on offense intended. Wouldn't the difference in liters of what was advertised and what it is...only be about 1.25 gal? Hey we blew up a rocket, when the rocket scientist's couldn't make the conversion! On your LW1 you should have great milage, even with the small difference. Hope they make it right for you.
Old 07-01-2000, 02:31 PM   #10
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picture on the beach...? (joe, looking dumb, memory failing...!)if she wasnt 5 foot 9 inchs it mustve been crystal!
hey, she's allready got boys chasing her, in some ways all those rumors about bodys in the local canal and stuff kinda help! no boys in my house! <grin>
seriously though, i do live next to the loxahatchee canal and i'll tell you a few interesting stories, last year they pulled 59 cars out of it, when we had a drought the water went down far enough that the bass fishing rednecks (oops, i meant neighbors) were ripping props off their boats, the sherriffs office started pulling cars out and found half the cars stolen in my town in the past ten years...
heres were it reall gets interesting, one of them was a 78 dodge custom van (hey, old fogies in the gorup, rememeber tha van craze?) in it were 4 young men, missing since 78, still in their 70's clothes, they did find and contact the family thank god.
another time when a guys body was found a redneck ( i mean neighbor!) goes , in front of everyone, ..."ya reckon, that eye-tal-yen cutrone can start dumping them a little further from home?!"yeah, i'm going to miss this place!
i do have another 21 days of living here! thats sucks, the new land for the shop is well underway and they delayed the closing of this house till the 21'st! #####! now i gotta commute 2 hours a couple days a week starting next week to pull orders! oh well, it dont come easy...
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Hey, I heard about that canal in a news search. Something about numerous cars dumped so owners could stop making payments among other reasons.

Should I send Big Dee down there to meet Crystal? He's a nice churchgoing boy who joined a "worth the wait" program at church promising to save sex until after marriage.

She's really cute, Joey, and I'm sure you'll have some neat grandkids one day when you becom an old fart like me.

See ya.

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Old 07-01-2000, 03:25 PM   #12
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grandkids...?! ####, guess you never heard my "the fun begins when the kids go to college and the dogs die "theory!
yeah, that was our canal, figures right? one of the most affluent neighborhoods (for rednecks, them be cultared rednecks!)in the state and right under the cops noses!if you look on the map, right next to the canal is parkland, other side of the canal is palm beach county, boca raton.
Old 07-01-2000, 03:56 PM   #13
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That's a great theory, and I agree with you.

Have a wonderful holiday.
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Old 07-01-2000, 09:51 PM   #14
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we have about 5000 miles on our ls-1 and have no complaints about our car or our retailer I dont know why some people make a big deal about a 13 gallon gas tank.we have three cars and trips to the gas station is no big deal, why trade a car we love just for an extra three gallons of gas. 13 gallon gas tank SO WHAT !! enjoy your car the way it is and dont worry about what others say ,with the price of gas at least it dosent cost a lot to fill up.
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Old 07-02-2000, 05:36 AM   #15
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To some people the tank apparently is an issue. Saturn has also apparently figured that this was an issue, as they are making a correction for the 2001 cars.

In order to make a change, people have to speak up. If Saturn sees many "L" owners are upset, they may decide that the tank is worth replacing (if possible). I suggest that those who would like to have the larger tank, also write Saturn Corp. with a cc to their Retailer.

The great thing about forums like this, the little concern that one may think is not worth mentioning, can be an item that MANY consider an issue.

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Old 07-02-2000, 10:16 AM   #16
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Well said SL2-2NV. That is what I was hoping Saturn was all about, responsiveness to customer concerns. I am learning it is unfortunate to be Canadian ... only because it means Saturn is not responsible to me, GM Canada is!

I did hear that Saturn just created a fuel that will give you double the mileage for the same quantity. Just goes to show how innovative they can be. Gas tank problem solved!!!! Just kidding!!

Thank you for your reply. I would like to forward you to our team members in Canada. I apologize I
did not realize that your were a Canadian owner sooner. Unfortunately, we do not have access to
Saturn Canadian records in our system. Saturn Corporation does not market the cars sold in Canada.
Instead, Saturn Corporation sells cars to GM of Canada, and they market through Saturn Saab Isuzu of
Canada. Therefore, there will be some different business practices between the United States and
Canada. Someone should be in contact with you soon fromt eh Saturn Canadian Assistance Center, or
you may reach them at 1-800-263-1999 or

Again, I apologize foe the inconvenience.

Steffanie Evans
Saturn Customer Assistance Center
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