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Old 02-10-2008, 07:21 AM   #1
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Default A Saturn Story

On another thread, I was asked, "What's your story?" OK:

My first Saturn was one of the first in this area in early 1991. In fact, the sales representative had to go to the back lot to bring out a newly-arrived SC for me to test drive.

Since then, I, or members of my family, have had seven Saturns. I have had two SCs, my son has had two SLs, my daughter still has her SL, my wife got her Aura in March 2007, and after a five-year apostasy with a Pontiac, I got my Astra last Wednesday.

I submit that I am qualified to tell Saturn stories.

No one in my family has ever had a bad Saturn. None of us have ever been less than completely satisfied with the purchase process, the car's performance, or the service and maintenance experience.

One story exemplifies our Saturn experience: My second SC had the extended warranty, 5 years or 50,000 miles, which as I recall, cost something on the order of $600. In 1995, I drove it from California to Kansas for my mother's funeral. On the way to the cemetery, the SC stopped running - no bang, no smoke, no rattle - simply quietly stopped running. I eased over to the side of the narrow two-lane Kansas country road and my brother, who had been behind me in the procession, took us on to the cemetery.

After the service, we towed the SC back to my brother's small home town. There was no Saturn dealer for at least a hundred miles. The local mechanic replaced the fuel pump at around $700 including labor (the whole gas tank had to be dropped and replaced). At that moment, believe it or not, the SC had 49,996 miles on it on a 50,000 mile warranty!

Upon my return to Southern California, I took the receipts to my local Saturn dealer to see if the extended warranty covered any of the repair. The dealer looked at my receipts, checked the warranty info, and promptly refunded all but the $50 deductible.

I have more Saturn stories, but that one will suffice for now.

I am in no way affiliated with Saturn Motors, except as a well satisfied customer.


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Old 02-10-2008, 12:59 PM   #2
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2004 VUE 2.2L
2008 AURA XE
Default Re: A Saturn Story

I too, have had great success with my Saturns. Let us know about your Astra experience.
I just bought a used 04 Vue and absolutely love it.
My SL2 is at 212,000 miles and going strong. Before the Vue I had a 98 SL, traded it in at 182,000 miles.
Overall I'm very happy with my saturns and I'll definitely buy another one in a few years I just am not sure what it will be. I like the Astra, the Aura, the Vue and my heart has a fond spot for a good used s-series too. Time will tell.

Previously Owned 98 SL2, Sold
98 SL, Sold
When your Saturn is well kept YOU are well kept.

Second Car: Buick LaCrosse 2006


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Old 02-10-2008, 03:52 PM   #3
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2007 AURA XE
Default Re: A Saturn Story

My Story..I'm on my 4th Saturn now..My Father bought a 1998 SL2 and was so impressed that he won me over..First was the L300..Flawless..Traded for an 03 Vue..I loved it..FWD took on the worst snowstorm in KY history,got me home safe.I had no problems,but traded in VTI for an 06 Vue,then the Aura.
In Chicago,Kentucky,and now Nevada,Saturn has been top notch for product and Customer service.Best story was Saturn of Evansville Indiana on the 01 L300..I made the comment at 32k that the tires were wearing and they replaced them no charge..Guess that level of service is why my dad still has the SL2.


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Old 02-10-2008, 05:52 PM   #4
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2004 ION-3 Sedan
Default Re: A Saturn Story

im on my first saturn, first car too. my sister got her ion 2 in 04 with only 10000 miles on it. up until then, my family never gave saturns a thought, but my sister needed a car and my uncle found a good deal, so they bought it for her. $10000 for a 10000 mile car. after that, my parents fell in love with saturn, so when the time came for me to get my first car, after a lot of looking, we settled on a 04 saturn ion 3 special edition. ive put about 6000 miles on it since i got it in april (or may, cant remember which) of 2007. got the car off ebay for $7000 dollars with 53000 miles on it, and one thing missing that i dont like, and thats abs. i keep being told by people that saturns are crap and that you shouldnt buy a car off ebay. well, in the 6000 miles that ive had the car, its only had to go into the shop for tires, and i did the oil change myself at the college im attending (automotive specialist training at SFCC) and its tme for another, and all those people who tell me mines crap have had their cars in the shop for broken fuel pumps, one actually crashed his car (unrelated to performance of the car), a camaro thats been in the shop like crazy, and a list of other cars, yet mine keeps going strong like it just came off the sales floor.


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