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Wrench DIY: How to Change Oil on a 2005 ION

How to Change Your 2005 Saturn ION’s Engine Oil

I tried to perform my first oil change on my new 2005 Saturn ION, and after hurdles managed to successfully accomplish the task. I thought I would share my experience with Saturn Fans.

(I have attached a PDF File containing the following text and accompanying images if you wish to view it (and because I don't know how to link pictures I have attached))

Disclaimer: The pictures used below were not taken by me (some have been slightly modified from the originals). Also note, the engine pictures below are not from a Saturn ION, but for purposes of illustration suffice.

Time 20 - 30 minutes.
Need: 5 Litre (5.28 Qt US) 5W30 oil, oil filter cartridge (CDN$10-13), 15 mm socket/box wrench for oilpan plug bolt, 32mm (1.25”) socket for oil filter cartridge cap, 1 ft extension bar with ratchet for use with 32mm socket, Kleenex, Wedco horizontal oil drain jug available at Walmart for C$10, 8-10” diam funnel, 2 old regular 4 litre jugs to transfer used oil for hazardous waste disposal.

When should I change my oil?
Change oil every 6 months, or every 5-6000Km (1Km = 0.62 miles) or when oil life change indicated. Change a new car’s oil after the first 500Km break-in period to dispose of the metal filings caused by breakin friction. .

What kind of oil should I use?
You are not going to save money by using an off-brand oil because your engine will wear out sooner. Use oil that meets the American Pertroleum Institute (API) classification SL. I use Valvoline, Quaker State, Pennzoil, or Havoline brand oil. These quality oils contain additives that make them work better and longer.

What's the First Step?
Hot oil flows well and drains particles. No need to jack up car. Cannot ramp car as bumper hits ramps, need ramp extensions for low profile ion.

Step 1: Drain the old oil.
Locate the oil drain plug and place a pan under it to catch the oil. With a 15 mm (no imperial size really matched up) box or socket wrench, Use socket + extension bar to SLOWLY remove and hold the ~1” long oil pan bolt so that the oil drips out slowly. Oil trajectory 6-8” if plug bolt is removed. Use l8-10” diam funnel and horizontal flat oil collection jug. Collects 5L used oil. Note Can’t smoothly pour oil out of jug because no air escape hole on jug.

Image (oil pan bolt location):

Step 2. Replace the oil filter cartridge.

Image (oil filter wrench in place):

Image (oil filter location):

The GM dual-overhead-cam EcoTec engine has an unusual oil filter located on top of the engine. This picture shows the engine with the air intake hose removed. That's the oil filter canister just to the right of, and below, the end of the open air intake tube. Use a 32mm size wrench to remove the canister lid.

Image (oil filter and cap):

The GM dual-overhead-cam EcoTec engine uses a filter cartridge. Shown above is the filter cartridge and the filter canister lid. The filter is on the right side of the engine block, about 8 inches from the front of the engine. It is silver, flat on the right, cylindrical the rest of the way. Molded to the engine block. Black plastic rounded cap with a hex 32 mm nut on the top. Hopefully easy access once the black, plastic engine covering is removed. I guess I would need a specialized oil filter wrench as 32mm does not appear a standard socket. Unsnap noise dampening cover and prop up with small eg WD40 can. Use 32mm socket +1 ft ˝ “drive extension bar. Opening the lid is fairly hard at start, gets easy past gasket. Cartridge is snap fit into lid and comes out together as one piece, unit needs to be removed first straight, then at an angle, pull wire out of way .Negligible oil (no drip, only wet) on filter paper, need Kleenex to absorb slight wetness. With your finger put a thin coat of oil on the new filter's gasket to make it seal better. Snap new filter cartridge into lid, oil cap and cartridge gaskets. Place into housing, ensure it doesn’t unsnap. If it threads in properly then it has seated OK, if not seated, then it wont screw in easily. With your hand, install the new oil filter. If it seems even slightly hard to turn, back it out! You are crossing the threads. Here's what I recommend: screw the filter on until its "hand tight", ie the gasket seats ie the cap lip contacts the housing. Then use the oil filter wrench to snug it up another 1/8 to 1/4 turn. This is critical!

Step 3 Reinstall oil pan plug bolt
Note. Start the plug with your fingers. If it seems even slightly hard to turn, back it out! You are crossing the threads. When the oil stops draining ~5 mins, reinstall the drain plug

Step 4. Add the new oil.
Car must be on flat surface, not jacked up or on ramps to measure oil level correctly.. Put in 4.5 l oil, check level. Start the engine and make sure the oil warning light goes off. Check for leaks, first at filter, then at oil plug. Don't overfill because when you run the engine the extra oil will be blown out through the PCV value, possibly stalling your engine or worse, the extra oil pressure will blow the gasket seals. If overfull, remove oil from oil plug collecting it in a 1 litre margarine tub, Turn off the engine and let it set for a minute to let the oil drain down to the crank case. Then use the dip stick to check and adjust the oil level.
RESET Oil Life System using instructions in owner’s manual (key must be in run position (second notch, car does NOT have to be on) (press trip reset button until Oli Life System displays, hold down trip reset until chime sounds 5 times and Reset is displayed). Record oil change date and mileage in maintenance schedule manual. Keep receipt for oil /filter as proof of oil change.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg Oil Pan Plug Bolt.jpg (26.8 KB, 1108 views)
File Type: jpg Oil Filter Wrench (In Place).jpg (69.1 KB, 1073 views)
File Type: jpg Oil Filter Cartridge and Cap.jpg (14.8 KB, 946 views)
File Type: jpg Oil Filter Cartridge (location).jpg (45.0 KB, 1225 views)
Attached Files
File Type: pdf Saturn oil change6.pdf (57.8 KB, 1093 views)


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